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Fourth Annual Art in the Park event set for June 10-11

By PATRICIA FREED For The Vista On the second weekend in June, the Art Guild at Fairfield Glade will present its Fourth Annual Art in the Park event. Enjoy the artistic and musical outdoor sights and sounds of Art in the Park on Saturday, June 10, from 9 A.M. to 5 P.M., and Sunday, June […]

May 18th, 2017 | Continued

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Feature Article #2

Senate vote last Thursday freezes Wind Farm project

By JAY MCCARTHY & CRAIG CLARK For The Vista On April 25th, the Tennessee House of Representatives voted overwhelmingly (85 to 3) in favor of Bill HB1021. But nothing was official until the Senate gave its stamp of approval. That happened last Thursday when SB1336 was passed with the same thunderous approval in Nashville— with […]

May 11th, 2017 | Continued

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Feature Article #3

“Progress” brings some sadness, too

The newest, The biggest. The best. That’s what “Progress” can bring, some say. Even with that in mind, when one drives up and down Peavine Road these days, it is an eye-opening experience. And, some say, a sad one. As the Peavine Road expansion project continues, Peavine travelers see a swath of destruction with trees […]

May 3rd, 2017 | Continued

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Feature Article #4

Double your fun!

Two Glade Golf Courses make Golfweek’s list of Top Five Best Tennessee Courses By KEITH WALTHER Vista Publisher/Editor Crossville has been touted as the Golf Capital of Tennessee but — let’s make it real here — that applies particularly to Fairfield Glade. There would be no such claim if not for the five wonderful 18-hole golf courses […]

April 26th, 2017 | Continued

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Feature Article #5

Denying Wind issues won’t make Apex project go away

COIMMENTARY By JAY MCCARTHY Special to The Vista Ever since the beginning of time there have been “Deniers”. I’m sure if your like me your teachers touched on a few of the more famous ones: There was Doubting Thomas in Jesus’ time,; the Flat Earthers who thought if you sailed over the horizon you would […]

April 20th, 2017 | Continued

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Other Recent Articles

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Why We Live Here

All of the golf courses in Fairfield Glade are beautiful and can make a golfer stop and pause to admire the scenery. One such place is Heatherhurst Brae’s 4th hole. This picturesque Par 5 features a babbling brook that creates two fun approach shots. The covered bridge offers a trek to head to your ball […]

Art Guild Announces Winners of the Spring Bounty Art Show

By Patricia Freed For The Vista The Art Guild at Fairfield Glade is proud to announce the winners of the 2017 Spring Bounty Art Show. This show is unique because the public has the opportunity to choose the winners. During April, gallery visitors viewed the show’s artwork and voted for their top five favorites. The […]

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Strides Walk nets 7K to fight Diabetes

By KEN STEADMAN For The Vista The weatherman contributed a beautiful day on April 29th for the Second Annual Strides Walk to help fight Diabetes. It was a bit windy but that helped cover up the high eighty degree temperature. 122 faithful walkers and seven pet dogs participated in taking “One step at a time” […]

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The Fairfield Glade community were on the receiving end of several thunderstorms last week. One storm — packing strong straight-line winds — caused this tree to uproot onto a house located at 143 Lakeside Drive in Fairfield Glade. With all the rain accumulated of late, the soil was very wet which, coupled with the winds, […]

Upkeep on Glade Homes is expected

By BOB WEBER FGCC General Manager For The Vista In this discussion of Fairfield Glade policies, we’re going to take a look at Fairfield Glade maintenance and upkeep requirements. Since most people’s homes represent their single largest investment, it would seem that rules requiring people to take care of their homes should not be necessary. […]

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FGRS to pay tribute to Founders

By DAVID PRIGG For The Vista Fairfield Glade (FGRS) “Awareness Month” got started in a big way on May 1st. The month began with an Open House at the FGRS Office. Not only was there a large crowd present, but the afternoon was highlighted by the unveiling of the FGRS Founders Wall honoring Ken Schuning […]

Twelve Student of the Month winners honored by Lions

By KEN STEADMAN For The Vista The 12  “Students of the Month” winners for 20-16-17 — along with their parents, Corporate Partners and School Counselors — attended a special dinner meeting in their honor recently at Druid Hills Country Club. Lions Program Chairman, Bob Cover, introduced Cumberland County Director of Schools, Mrs. Janet Graham, to […]

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Somewhere over the Rainbow … ALL over the Glade

Nothing gets the attention more than a beautiful rainbow — and that was certainly the case last Monday evening. Following a pop-up storm, a rainbow — which later became a double rainbow — appeared. And residents from all over the Glade took their cameras out to capture the moment. The Vista appreciates all the submissions! […]

Glade Chief encourages drinking safety

By MIKE WILLIAMS Glade Police Chief For The Vista It is common knowledge that drinking and driving is a crime with serious penalties. It is also common knowledge that it is dangerous to get behind the wheel of a vehicle if you are under the influence of alcohol and/or drugs. Yet every day, almost 30 […]

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Landslide! Wind bill passes in TN Senate floor

For The Vista Last week, the quest to stop the proposed Crab Orchard Wind Turbine project took a significant step forward as Bill HB1021 passed on the Tennessee State Senate Floor. Not only did it pass, it did so by a whopping 85-3 vote! Rep. Cameron Sexton  successfully maneuvered and helped get the bill passed […]

Peavine project moving along

For The Vista The Tennessee Department of Transportation has provided an update of the progress of the Peavine Road expansion project. Also known as State Route 101, work on Peavine Road’s expansion to five lanes is well underway. Currently, TDOT noted that grading, drainage, and paving from Firetower Road to Westchester/Catoosa Boulevard is continuing. Construction […]

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Our Little Hummer friends are returning to Glade’s delight

BY JIM ARBER For The Vista Lots of remarkable things happen all around us.  We’re aware of some but often miss the best parts.  The amazing Little Hummer is one that we maybe just don’t fully appreciate. These little hummingbirds fly all the way back from their winter homes in Southern Mexico and Latin America.  […]

Fairfield Glade New Outdoor Pickleball Courts Grand Opening April 29th

For The Vista The Fairfield Glade Community Club is pleased to announce the grand opening of (8) new outdoor pickleball courts on April 29th. The public is invited to join in the fun with a ribbon cutting scheduled for 9 A.M. in front of the new outdoor courts located next to the Racquet Center on […]

Will Marketplace decide Wind Farm future?

BY JIM ARBER For The Vista It has been difficult to get a status report on the Crab Orchard Wind farm from the developer. It may be that there is just nothing happening yet as much is to be decided. We did find out that all the proposed legislation and angst created by this project […]

Over 3,000 Glade residents respond to F&B survey

By BOB WEBER FGCC General Manager For The Vista Thanks to the 3,193 respondents who completed the Fairfield Glade Community Club’s Food and Beverage survey. We estimate we have about 8,000 residents so this represents a 40% return rate which is very good.  The PCA presentation, final report and survey results link can be found […]