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Feature Article #1

Proposed locations discovered for Windmills

By JAY MCCARTHY AND KEITH WALTHER For The Vista Some new information was learned – but more questions remain. That was the feeling of most after attending a meeting last Wednesday at the Fairfield Glade Conference Center, held by Apex Energy to explain to the residents their progress of the Construction of the Industrial Wind […]

April 28th, 2016 | Continued

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Feature Article #2

Why We Live Here

Though we have had our share of cloudy days of late, when the sun does come out there is a plethora of colors to be enjoyed — such as one of resident Evelyn Hagood’s flowers (bottom right) or the beautiful blooming tree (top photo) near the Village Green Mall.

April 14th, 2016 | Continued

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Feature Article #3

No More Filling Up at Phil-ing Station

Long-time Glade grille reluctantly shuts down Unexpected. That was the general feeling of long-time patrons of  The Phil-ing Station early last week after they were informed that the iconic restaurant was shutting down operations — immediately! After nearly 16 years of service to the community, Phil’s great food and beers, were replaced with tears. Out of the […]

April 5th, 2016 | Continued

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Feature Article #4


Is a Wind Farm coming to Glade area in future? COMMENTARY By JAY MCCARTHY Special To The Vista Renewable energy, tax revenue, cheap energy, new jobs, save the world! All great things you want to hear, right? These are the words that warm politician’s pockets. Especially when it isn’t built in their back yard and the federal […]

March 18th, 2016 | Continued

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Feature Article #5

Weber clarifies discount via resident cards

For The Vista The Fairfield Glade Community Club and General Manager Bob Weber wish to announce that as of March 1st, a new software program for the entire community as begun to be utilized. While the transition will not cause noticeable differences in the way you purchase items, there is one significant change: The Club […]

March 11th, 2016 | Continued

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Other Recent Articles

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Why We Live (And Visit) Here

Activity around Fairfield Glade really started to pick up last week. Not only are the golfers coming in droves to enjoy the five Glade courses, but the Lakes are teeming with ones enjoying the views like the left photo, or the beach – like the right photo of Dartmoor beach. Whatever floats your boat, eh?

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Henshaw valuable member of Glade Safety Dept.

By CYD RIEDE For The Vista Elizabeth Diaz Henshaw is one of two women on the Fairfield Glade Public Safety Team. She was born in Philadelphia and is one of 8 children …5 girls and 3 boys. As a young girl, Liz moved to Puerto Rico and then back to Philly, where she graduated from […]

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Davenport a valued member of Safety Dept.

By CYD RIEDE  For The Vista Glen Martin Davenport (or Marty as he is known) comes from a long established family in Cumberland County, TN going back to the 1800’s. He is the older of 2 boys, having a younger brother, Matthew.   His father has a Doctorate in Theology and is a pastor at […]

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Glade Hikers to explore Middle Creek

By ANNE DODGE & MARY KOPMEIER For The Vista This Friday, April 15 the Fairfield Glade Hikers will drive 60 miles north to the Big South Fork for two geologically interesting hikes. Beginning at the Sawmill trail head we’ll hike the Middle Creek Loop (3.5 miles) where we will see many rock walls and shelters  […]

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Tickets available for Glade Music Festival in May

For The Vista Tickets are now available for the Fairfield Glade Music Festival on May 14.   Tickets are available at the Fairfield Glade Conference Center, Crossville Heating and Cooling, and First National Bank of TN in Fairfield Glade and Crossville. For a donation of $20 you can enjoy music from 12 – 7:30, and […]

Glade safety summary

For The Vista The safety of Fairfield Glade (FG) residents and guests depends on three professional groups located at the Public Safety and Fire Department building on Peavine Rd. (FGPS, CCEMS and FGFD) and one volunteer group of residents (FGNWC). The following is a summary of how they work together for public safety. FAIRFIELD GLADE […]

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Giving of herself comes natural for officer Self of Glade Public Safety

By CYD RIEDE For The Vista Katelyn Rae Bell Self is one of two women on the FGPS force. Kate was born in Fredericksburg, Virginia which lies in prime Civil War “country”, between Washington DC and Richmond, VA. She is a middle child, having an older sister and younger brother. As a young girl, she […]

Tennessee Department of Transportation Will Rebid SR-101 Peavine Road Project

For The Vista CHATTANOOGA – The Tennessee Department of Transportation has twice advertised the project to widen a 3-mile section of SR-101/Peavine Road in Cumberland County from Firetower Road to near Lakeview Drive and relocate a 5.3 mile section of Volunteer Electric Cooperative (VEC) high-voltage utility lines. Both times contractors’ bids for the work came […]

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Woody a fixture in Glade for 25 years

By CYD RIEDE For The Vista Have you ever wondered who is the person watching your personal residence and property while you are away from Fairfield Glade? That individual is Sgt. Leon Woody. Leon Paul Woody (or Woody as he is known to most) is a native son; born and raised in Crossville, TN. He […]

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Glade Safety Sergeant Tapp brings energy, experience to so-called “graveyard shift”

By CYD RIEDE For The Vista Baron Wayne Tapp is a sergeant who works the grave shift (11pm-7am) for FG Public Safety. He is a Roane County native that was born, raised and lives in Harriman, TN.   He graduated from Harriman High School and enjoyed playing football, basketball and baseball.   He is the […]

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By MARTIN DARRAH AND KEN STEADMAN For The Vista The Fairfield Glade Lions Club final Travelogue Season will be held on April 4th at the Palace Theater. Marlin Darrah will present his journey through several South & Central America cities and countries. It will all take place starting at  7 P.M. and last about 85 […]

Weber and staff put on great show for new residents

Impressive. That was the word I would use to describe the various Fairfield Glade Community Club staff leaders that spoke at last Monday’s New Residents dinner meeting at Druid Hills Country Club. Every one from Neil Archibald, Director of Food and Beverage, to Public Safety Chief Mike Williams, to General Manager Bob Weber — and […]

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Winningham serving his hometown

By CYD REIDE For The Vista Jason Lynn Winningham is another hometown boy.   He was born and raised  in Crossville, TN. He is the oldest of 4 children, having a brother and 2 sisters.  As a youngster he wanted to become a state trooper or a doctor and did study nursing for a while. […]

Glade golf news

For The Vista The 43rd Fairfield Glade Women’s Invitational Tournament will be held at Heatherhurst Golf Club on the Brae and Crag courses July 9 and 10. The Fairfield Glade Ladies 18 Hole League sponsors this weekend tournament. A total of more than $11,000 was collected from the 2015 event for 3 major charities. Proceeds […]

Look out for that….Potho-o-o-o-le!!

(Editor’s Note: We are glad to acknowledge the work of road crews last week filling in potholes along Peavine Road!) Special to The Vista KNOXVILLE — As snow and ice begins to melt on roadways, the asphalt becomes compromised. Potholes are formed by water intrusion in the cracks of the asphalt. As a result, the […]