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Feature Article #1

Are you ready?

Fight fire with fire: Know what to do before it happens By THOMAS M. COVINO Part I in a Series Special to The Vista There will be a Special Town Hall Meeting of the Neighborhood Watch Coalition entitled  “Preparedness” on Wednesday, March 18. The meeting — which will be held at the Fairfield Glade Conference […]

February 12th, 2015 | Continued

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Feature Article #2

Granddaughter of Glade couple making mark in swimming

Special to The Vista Grandchildren are every grandparents joy — and that is no different for Glade residents B.J. and Marv Mrnka. The couple are very proud of their Grandaughter Emma Cain — and have every right to be. Cain, at only 14 years of age, has developed into a world class swimmer. “Emma was […]

January 29th, 2015 | Continued

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Feature Article #3

Why We Live Here

Even during the cold, dreary months of Winter, there is beauty to be found in Fairfield Glade. The sunset captured above is evidence of that. Despite freezing temperatures, this sunset could compete with any seen during the Summer months.

January 16th, 2015 | Continued

Feature Article #4

A Year to Remember

For The Vista By Thomas Covino As we approach a new year, it ‘s time to look back at what we did or didn’t do this past year.  I know many of us would like this to be the forgotten year because of the loss of a close friend or the opportunity to call and […]

January 8th, 2015 | Continued

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Feature Article #5

Aye, Aye Captain(s)!

Jacobsens come to the Glade after decorated Navy careers By JIM ARBER For The Vista Two retired Navy Captains invaded the Glade recently. Their names are Scott and Mary K. Jacobsen and they moved in permanently in September of this year after an extensive renovation of their newly-purchased residence. Retired Navy Captains, Scott “Shakey” Jacobsen […]

December 10th, 2014 | Continued

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Other Recent Articles

Vista editor to perform at RHA on Feb. 23 at Druid

By KEITH D. PONTIUS For The Vista Keith Walther pays tribute to such iconic singers as Neil Diamond, Tom Jones, Dean Martin, Elvis, Englebert Humperdinck and others on Feb. 23 at Druid Hills Legends. Walther, a resident of Fairfield Glade for 10 years and a native of Ohio, has appeared in shows at Tthe Palace, […]

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CCHS Lions Leo Club creates first project

By KEN STEADMAN For The Vista Leo clubs are open to young people with good character who have an interest in serving their community. Leo clubs are divided into two tracks: Alpha and Omega. Alpha clubs are designed for boys and girls between 12-18 years old. Omega clubs are for young adults between 18-30 years […]

Want to know how to junk that junk mail?

By DOROTHY DALE For The Vista Did you get what seemed like hundreds of advertising letters, brochures and catalogs (aka “junk mail”) over the holidays?  I did. My mail box was daily jammed with unwanted mail which quickly overloaded the “circular file”. I finally decided to try to do something about it—and you can, too.  […]

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Why We Live Here

Last week we experienced temperatures in the 50s and many took advantage by taking a walk. Above is one of the views that Glade residents Nona and Jim Jensen enjoyed during their “winter walk.” The photo was taken on the back nine at the Dorchester Golf Course.

How to keep seniors out of hospitals? Some tips

For The Vista Most families would agree that keeping a senior out of the hospital is an important goal. That’s because professionals who work with older adults know that some seniors who are hospitalized don’t always go home the same. Or, they don’t go home at all. And yet, research reveals that many of these […]

Glade author’s book sure to break up your winter blues

For The Vista The winter doldrums have set in, New Year’s resolutions have fallen by the wayside, and everyone’s looking for an easy way to banish stress, feel more energetic, and stay healthy. Numerous studies have shown that the simple act of laughing can achieve all this and more. Now, what if you could reap […]

Bowl contest winner picked games just Fine

By ED LEWIS For The Vista The Vista’s contest of 20 bowl games was won by a previous champion, Geoff Fine, who led all participants with a 13-7 record. Vista Editor-Publisher Keith Walther was only one game back at 12 – 8, and Keith’s son, Landry, also a Vista staff member, was 11-9. The trio […]

Prescription Drug Drop-Off Box at Sheriff’s Office

By RANDY HOOVER Glade Safety Chief For The Vista The Cumberland County Sheriff’s Office, Fairfield Glade Public Safety Department, and the Tennessee Department of Environment /Conservation (TDEC) are working collaboratively to protect our citizens as well as our environment. A Prescription Drug Drop-Off Box has been permanently located at the Sheriff’s Office for the convenience […]

Portable Heater Safety is Crucial During Winter’s Coldest Months

By MATTHEW DILLMAN Fairfield Glade Fire Chief For The Vista The arrival of single-digit weather in Tennessee this week is prompting the State Fire Marshal’s Office to remind residents to stay safe when using portable heaters in their homes. “We cannot stress enough the importance of following safety precautions when using portable space heating devices […]

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One big bird rules the roost

Fairfield Glade residents Jim and Sandi Foreman spots this majestic Bald Eagle on top of a nearby tree close to Lake Dartmoor. Residents of the area have seen four of the birds so far — a a pair and two small ones — although “small” is not an accurate term. “These things are huge once […]

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Lions Travelogue takes trip to China

By KEN STEADMAN For The Vista As youngsters we heard, “if you drill straight down through the earth you will come out in China.” That comprised just about the sum total of our knowledge of China at that time. One tourist remarked recently that what China has achieved in 20 years took the U.S. 100 […]

AARP tax help

For The Vista This will be the first year that the Affordable Care Act will impact individual tax returns. Under the law, every taxpayer and all of their dependents are required to have minimal essential healthcare insurance, unless allowed an exemption. Even people whose income level in prior years would not require filing a tax […]

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The Vista will not be published December 23 and 30.

‘Tis the SEASON that creates MORE STRESS!

As we move toward the holiday season it always amazes me how most of us look at it from a stressful perspective, and I can understand why.  Usually, are cost go up due to gatherings, gifts, food and travel.  Also the time constraints become apparent for many because the holidays bring more commitments for work, […]

Board of Directors approve an Ad Hoc Committee for property standards

For The Vista At the October Board Worksession, the Fairfield Glade Board of Directors approved the establishment of an Ad Hoc Committee to deal with property standards within Fairfield Glade. This committee will be charged with developing a program to establish standards to help homeowners adhere to FGCC covenants and restrictions. The committee will compile […]