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Feature Article #1

OK, so I have some quirks — but isn’t it true we all do?

Have you ever been accused of being anal — as in anal retentive? Perhaps you have what others may feel is an irritating habit. Or you Perhaps your attention to detail is so meticulous that it borders on obsessive. Do you have your medicine cabinet in perfect order, and they must stay that way always? […]

November 22nd, 2017 | Continued

Feature Article #2

Food & Beverage goes through more changes

By FAIRFIELD GLADE COMMUNITY CLUB For The Vista As we move into our slower season we continue to reorganize our F&B division to be more efficient and cost effective given our current operations and plan for 2018.  Therefore, effective immediately we have eliminated the F&B Manager position held by Sheila Koelber and Event Planner position […]

November 16th, 2017 | Continued

Feature Article #3

Board says 2017 projects finished; purchases golf Simulator for $61K

By KEITH WALTHER Vista Publisher/Editor For The Vista Among the highlights from the Fairfield Glade Board of Directors meeting held last week was the review of Master Plan items and the purchase of a Golf Simulator. The Board, along with General Manager Bob Weber, pointed out that all major projects for 2017 are completed — […]

November 2nd, 2017 | Continued

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Feature Article #4

Local Rotarian on Polio Inoculation Mission

By JEFF TOWNSEND For The Vista Tessi Gilmer, a Rotarian in the Fairfield Glade Club, recently participated in a polio eradication mission to Africa along with  20 other Rotarians from around the USA. The trip was from October 3-12 going to Accra, Ghana.  During this trip about 500 children received the Polio vaccine in less […]

October 25th, 2017 | Continued

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Feature Article #5

Board selects Miller to replace departing Price

By Glade Community Club Board For The Vista The Board has decided to appoint Jeani Miller to fill the Board vacancy caused by the resignation of Harry Price. We decided to interview the third through fifth place finishers from the recent election, Tom Reigle, John Byers and Jeani Miller along with Ken Flierl who expressed […]

October 11th, 2017 | Continued

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Other Recent Articles

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Glade police successfully arrest Moore

For The Vista The Fairfield Glade Police Department had asked all resdients to be on the lookout for William Shone Moore after a warrant for his arrest was issued last Thursday. One day later, the 39-year-old white male was apphrended and put in custody the next day. The 6-foot-3 Moore had been last seen wearing […]

Power outage planned for Dec. 1

For The Vista VEC will conduct a power outage for Fairfield Glade on December. 1.  The outage will begin at 11 P.M. and last for 1 hour.  The purpose for this outage is to make final connections to energize the new west Fairfield substation located on Dartmoor. In other news, TDOT has announced that it […]

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Over 400 attend Veterans Day Dinner hosted by Glade

For The Vista It was a huge success. The Fairfield Glade Community Club  would like to say thank you to the Veterans and guests who came out for the Veterans Day dinner on Saturday in the Conference Center. As always, the turnout for dinner was great and 436 people were served. The annual tradition includes […]

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Getting along with animals

Barnes featured speaker at Garden Club meeting By LINDA REISS For The Vista The Fairfield Glade Garden Club presents Mimi Barnes, Wildlife Specialist with the Tennessee Wildlife Resources Agency, as the featured speaker at the Club’s meeting this Wednesday, Nov. 15. Living in and with wildlife can have its pleasures and its problems, as most Fairfield […]

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Hiking Group makes final trip

By ANNE DODGE and MARY KOPMEIER For The Vista On Friday November 17, the Fairfield Glade Hiking Group will celebrate the end of the fall hiking season with a potluck lunch rain or shine at the Fairfield Glade Multipurpose/Library Building on Lakeview Drive from noon until 2 P.M. after the morning hike. We will travel […]

FGCC answers questions about new water line

For The Vista In answer  to several questions which have been received regarding the water line recently installed across Stonehenge Drive, please note the following items from the Fairfield Glade Community Club: • This line starts on Peavine Road at Weigels and runs to the Peavine Mountain water tank near the Good Samaritan Society facility. […]

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Why We Live Here

The beauty found right now on the Fairfield Glade Golf Courses may not improve your game — but the Autumn colors will definitely help you forget a bad shot. Golfers had this gorgeous view from the 17th hole at Heatherhurst Brae. Meanwhile, (see inset), an old gravel path is framed by trees and the calm […]

Conrad provides first report

By JOHN CONRAD BOARD PRESIDENT For The Vista The election cycle is over for another year. This year the election was particularly contentious but that is all behind us as we look forward to another year in our wonderful community. I am taking over the leadership of a great community that is prospering in so […]

Director of Finance Goodman provides FGCC Monthly Financial Report

By JONATHON GOODMAN DIRECTOR OF FINANCE For The Vista As of September 30th, the Club continues to be financially strong and sound.  We have a strong cash position of $6.1 million like September 2016 where our cash position was at $5.7 million. The cash position is made up of the Capital and Amenity Reserve funds […]

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Prevent afire in your home – safety tips

By MIKE WILLIAMS Fairfield Glade Police Chief For The Vista A home is often referred to as a safe haven.  This month, make sure your home is protected from (and your family is prepared for) a fire.  Here are 10 simple tips to help you avoid fires and reduce the risk of injury should one […]

Riegle offers glimpse inside interview process

COMMENTARY By TOM RIEGLE For The Vista Hypocrisy, Arrogance, and Disdain for the non- Wyndham block voters,are the best things I can say about the FGCC Board interview process and subsequent Email Blast on the selection of the replacement for Mr. Price. First let me say that I have been friends with Jeani and Sid […]

Recommendation made for Concert Park project

For The Vista In the past year, the Strategic Planning Committee has held numerous town hall meetings to obtain members’ feedback and ideas concerning the development of a Concert Park. In addition, it has developed and conducted a membership survey. After reviewing the results of the membership survey and the town halls’ feedback, the Strategic […]

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Weber announces Food & Beverage changes

By BOB WEBER Community Club General Manager For The Vista AWE Hospitality was engaged to review our restaurant operations and then with the departure of our F&B Director we asked them to help us implement their recommendations which they have been doing since July 31st. Effective October 1, 2017 they were engaged to manage our […]

Hold on to your cart! This is “Madness” indeed

By JOHN CANNON For The Vista It’s Midnight Madness week! The newspaper circular just arrived and I have just three days to prepare. Midnight Madness is a grocery shopping extravaganza  like no other. From noon till 9 P.M. on Friday old folks shop till they drop, literally, because they cannot stay awake till midnight. After […]

Community Club issues statement on election

For The Vista The Fairfield Glade Community Club recently issued a statement about the recent Board of Directors election and the vote count. “It is the intention of the Election Committee to eliminate any confusion regarding the election,” the statement began. “The election summary for the two open Board Members in 2017 is as follows: […]