Feature Article #1

Thank you Food City … for your delicious Salad Bar!!!

A couple weeks back or so, I was driving down Peavine Road heading back to the Glade, when I passed Food City and saw their sign out front that read: “Salad Bar Now Open”. Now normal people would not have had the reaction I did, but no one ever accused me of being normal. I […]

April 8th, 2015 | Continued

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Feature Article #2

A tale: The Bear, The Wife, and The Dude

Jim Arber 24 March 2014 3:10m Near Druid #14 Love of bird seed leads to rude wake-up call Crash, bang, tinkle, what the……………….?  Rolled over and looked at the clock, 3:10AM. My wife is a bit more nimble than me when I first wake up.  She had the deck light on and was out the […]

April 1st, 2015 | Continued

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Feature Article #3

The Perfect Storm

Yes, it was a terrible winter storm here in Fairfield Glade — but for two residents it was sheer bliss By JIM ARBER For The Vista It was a bitter cold night.  Fairfield Glade, Cumberland County and the whole Cumberland Plateau was in the grip of ice, snow, wind, frigid temperatures and grinder pumps that […]

March 26th, 2015 | Continued

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Feature Article #4

Spring ready to make its splash

Well it is finally here! Spring! Yes, this Friday — March 20 — will be the Spring Equinox …. better known as the first day of Spring! And we thought it might never get here, right? The forecast looks good for the week but, alas, there are never any promises. Remember the first week of […]

March 19th, 2015 | Continued

Feature Article #5

Applaud the hard workers who dug us out

If you are sick of winter, raise your snow shovel high and say “Yuck!” Yes, it has been a winter to remember for all the wrong reasons, hasn’t it? Ok, you can put your shovels down now. Fact is, we are under two weeks away from the offical start of Spring and here we are, […]

March 11th, 2015 | Continued

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Sure the calendar has said it is Spring for over two weeks, but when you start seeing the colors from the blooming bushes and the Finches (left) then you know it has arrived. Sure, the flowers above are not Buttercups. In fact, neither were the ones pictured on the front page of the March 31 […]

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Litter Pickup a success for Friends of Peavine meeting at Chestnut Hill

For The Vista The Friends of Peavine completed its third litter pickup on Peavine road from the Village Square Shopping Center to Weigels in the Glade Tuesday, March 31.  Gwin Realty participated in the joint project.  Volunteers collected about 25 bags of trash plus numerous illegal signs as part of the Great American Cleanup 2015. […]

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Why We Live here

This gorgeous sunset was captured over Lake Canterbury recently. Residents and guests will see more and more sunsets like this one as the weather continues to warm — because they will be outdoors more to see them. But the fact is, Fairfield Glade has sunsets like this even in winter months.

Stories of The Great Ice Storm of 2015 continue to be told

COMMENTARY By JANET LORD For The Vista I’m not sure if it was predicted … probably was, but I didn’t get the forecast message. I don’t know exactly when The Great Ice Storm of 2015 struck, but I was told about many first-hand experiences. My next door neighbor related how she thought her roof was […]

Fire and weather safety

By MATT DILLMAN Glade Fire Chief For The Vista There is a need to be prepared for severe weather. Here are some items recommended as a significant tool in your multi-modal preparedness kit & your thinking: The battery powered radio with antenna for your home. Pre-set your car radio to receive local weather alerts. For […]

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Why We Live here

This beautiful red fox was spotted recently after a snow storm here in Fairfield Glade, providing a sharp, colorful contrast between its coat and the white terrain.

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Glade Rotarians enjoy meeting at Chestnut Hill

For The Vista The Fairfield Glade Rotary held their Tuesday Noon meeting at the Chestnut Hill Winery this week. Chestnut Hill Winery was one of the wonderful vendors at this year’s Rotary Wine On The Plateau (WOTP) event. Their participation brought an awareness to everyone attending that event just how fortunate we are to have […]

Friends of Peavine to participate in Great American Cleanup locally

For The Vista On March 31, the Friends of Peavine will sponsor a litter pickup on Peavine Road.  They are collaborating with Gwin Realty to complete this important project. Volunteers plan to meet at 10 A.M. at the Family Dollar parking lot on Peavine Road where they will review safety information and receive safety vests […]

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Barbershop quartet to lend vocals to RHA show to feature Barbershop quartet

By KEITH D. PONTIUS For The Vista Wipe away those winter “blahs” and get Spring off to a rousing start by attending the March 23 meeting of the Fairfield Glade Resident Homeowners Association at Legends and enjoy an almost lost art of Barbershop  Harmony led by Brian Bacon, director of Music Ministries at Christ Lutheran […]

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Lions Club hosts Travelogue trip to Mexico

By KEN STEADMAN For The Vista For the traveler, Mexico has always been a land of adventure, of mystery, of the unexpected. The speaker this evening, Bill Behrenbruch, brings that and more to the screen in his new travel-adventure film, “Mexico: The Bad, The great and the Ugly”. The final Fairfield Glade Lions Club Travelogue […]

When medical issues arise, know what to do

By THOMAS M. COVINO Part III in a Series Special to The Vista The title of this Special Town Hall Meeting is Preparedness which means there are many conditions we want to address.  It will take place on Wednesday March 18th at 9 AM. at the Fairfield Glade Community and Conference Center, 128 Stonehenge Drive. […]

Hiking group announces 2015 schedule

By ANNE DODGE & MARY KOPMEIER For The Vista The Fairfield Glade Hiking Group has planned 12 hikes on Fridays starting March 20 until June 5. The week of the hike, there will be a sign up sheet posted on the bulletin board across from the Fairfield Glade post office for people to write their […]

What a Week of Weather!!

Most Fairfield Glade residents are calling it “the worst week of winter I have ever seen around here.” At the time this issue of The Vista went to press, hundreds of homes were still without power and some without water. Yes, ice, snow, wind and sub-zero temperatues — we experienced it all  in the last […]

Glade resident, NBA icon Lloyd dead at age 86

By KEITH WALTHER Vista Publisher/Editor Earl Lloyd, a well-known and loved resident of Fairfield Glade and the first black professional NBA player, passed away last Thursday at the age of 86. Known as  “the Big Cat,” the 6-foot-5 forward made his league debut in October of 1950, playing for the Washington Capitals. During his legendary […]

Are you ready?

Fight fire with fire: Know what to do before it happens By THOMAS M. COVINO Part I in a Series Special to The Vista There will be a Special Town Hall Meeting of the Neighborhood Watch Coalition entitled  “Preparedness” on Wednesday, March 18. The meeting — which will be held at the Fairfield Glade Conference […]