ACC Looking to Fill Three Glade Posts

The Fairfield Glade Architectural Control Committee (ACC) is looking for three (3) new members to fill positions that will be vacated at the end of December 2015. The ACC is responsible for preserving the harmonious design and appearance of the community by reviewing plans for proposed homes as well as applications for exterior changes to […]

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A few people need some tips on tipping

You know, we have a growing community here in Fairfield Glade. Amongst the residents and all our wonderful guests and employees of Fairfield Glade businesses, I would say 97% are class individuals with solid character and manners. The other 3%, however, may be giving us all a bad name. They are the ones who insist […]

8Jul2015 | Continued
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District Governor Wear Installs Nick Reed as New Rotary President

  Nick Reed was recently installed as the new president of the Fairfield Glade Rotary by the Rotary’s District Governor, Jerry Wear, at Druid Hills Country Club.    

8Jul2015 | Continued

Renegade Mountain holding Open House

For The Vista Renegade Mountain Third Annual Open House: The public is cordially invited and encouraged to attend the Third Annual Renegade Mountain Community Open House on Saturday, May 30th beginning at 12:00 pm (CDT). Pack up the kids, come and see what “Life Elevated at 2700 Feet” is all about! The day begins by […]

28May2015 | Continued
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Glade Rotarians enjoy meeting at Chestnut Hill

For The Vista The Fairfield Glade Rotary held their Tuesday Noon meeting at the Chestnut Hill Winery this week. Chestnut Hill Winery was one of the wonderful vendors at this year’s Rotary Wine On The Plateau (WOTP) event. Their participation brought an awareness to everyone attending that event just how fortunate we are to have […]

26Mar2015 | Continued

AARP tax help

For The Vista This will be the first year that the Affordable Care Act will impact individual tax returns. Under the law, every taxpayer and all of their dependents are required to have minimal essential healthcare insurance, unless allowed an exemption. Even people whose income level in prior years would not require filing a tax […]

8Jan2015 | Continued

Festive spirit arrives early amid positive budget report

By BILL PIECUCH For The Vista Santa did arrive a bit early — and in an unexpected fashion:  A balanced budget was unveiled during the monthly Fairfield Glade meeting. And the customarily tough grilling by residents for hidden warts was replaced by rare chorus of accolades. Almost as a signal of the holiday season, General […]

26Nov2014 | Continued

Glade Board rescinds 2% surcharge on preferred cards

For The Vista Many have commented on the proposed 2% surcharge that was to be applied when topping up the Preferred Member Card by using a credit card as payment. This was considered to assist with offsetting some of the charges incurred by the Club for credit card processing thereby giving us more money to […]

13Nov2014 | Continued

Community Club to begin charging processing fee on credit card payments

For The Vista The Fairfield Glade Community Club has announced that, beginning Dec. 1, it will be issuing a surcharge for all credit card use and purchases at Glade venues. The Club says that it currently incurs over $200,000 in annual credit card fees on all transactions paid with credit cards. These fees equate to […]

5Nov2014 | Continued

Friends of Peavine make their reply to TDOT

By CATHY TIPTON For The Vista In May 2014, the Friends of Peavine received a request for information from TDOT’s Beautification Office. Their eight questions below are in response to the Friends’ September 2013 request to have Peavine Road included in the protections afforded by the Tennessee Scenic Parkway regulations. In an effort to keep […]

16Oct2014 | Continued

Weber receives update from TDOT via Sexton letter

By KEITH WALTHER Vista Publisher/Editor State Representative Cameron Sexton recently notified Fairfield Glade Community Club General Manager of the latest news from the Tennessee Department of Transportation (TDOT) concerning the current status of Peavine Road expansion. Sexton provided Weber with a letter from, John C. Schroer, Commissioner of TDOT, dated Sept. 12, that reads: “Dear […]

8Oct2014 | Continued

Vote for Glade incorporation study important

COMMENTARY By GERRY MILLER For The Vista Admittedly the issue of incorporating our community into a city is an emotional one. Some are for it, some are not. Yet, at no time have the members ever been given the facts on which to base an opinion. The 2005-06 incorporation committee came the closest until its […]

20Aug2014 | Continued
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Lions Club honors members at its June meeting

By KEN STEADMAN For The Vista The June meeting marks the end of the fiscal year for all Lions Clubs. New officers are installed to start their term beginning July 1 and many awards are presented to members for their service to the Club and community. The first award presented at the Fairfield Glade June […]

2Jul2014 | Continued

Start to Peavine Road widening project nearing

By KEITH WALTHER Vista Publisher/Editor Now that County government has fixed the awful road conditions and all those nasty potholes, the focus along Peavine Road now turns to its expansion. The long-awaited widening of Peavine may finally be close at hand, according to County Mayor Kenneth Carey. In a recent board meeting, Carey said that […]

4Jun2014 | Continued

With a storm on the horizon, there’s a solution

Plan to safeguard Glade water supply seems viable COMMENTARY By JIM ARBER Special To The Vista Part II of II Up here on the Plateau we’re sailing along in pretty good shape. No big political or economic storms on the horizon, not a lot of crime, no unforeseen difficult events. OK, so the population here […]

13May2014 | Continued
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Young Fairfield Glade builder garners national recognition

For The Vista A young professional who’s literally helping build the future of Fairfield Glade has just achieved national recognition for his work. On March 20, Isaac Zuercher, the president and co-founder of Zurich Homes — right here on Peavine Road just outside Fairfield Glade — was named to the 2014 Professional Builder “40 Under […]

8Apr2014 | Continued

Scarlett to run for Cumberland County Mayor

For The Vista Doug Scarlett — the owner of Scarlett Catering in Fairfield Glade — has announced his candidacy for Cumberland County Mayor. Scarlett has previous experience as a two-term mayor of  Vernon, Michigan, which gives him experience in dealing with municipal governments and state agencies. He also has experience as a Police Officer, Fireman […]

13Mar2014 | Continued

Board of Directors says closing of Glade post office is “not in best interests of Community”

For The Vista The Fairfield Glade Board of Directors shares the following information with you regarding our Post Office for which the Community Club is the contracting party with the United States Postal Service: Under a recently proposed performance based contract from the United States Postal Service, the Fairfield Glade Community Club would have its […]

7Jan2014 | Continued

The Eagle has landed — for breakfast

There have been several Bald Eagle sightings in Fairfield Glade but none perhaps as stunning as this one. On a bright Sunday morning recently on Lake Pomeroy, Glade resident Rosemary Wells was thrilled by this Eagle in action. Above left, the Eagle swooped down to catch its breakfast — an unsuspecting fish. Then, above right, […]

9Dec2013 | Continued
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Fairfield Glade volunteers are taking the United Fund’s Door-to-Door Campaign to the streets!

For The Vista Fairfield Glade volunteers are taking the United Fund’s Door-to-DoorCampaign to the streets! Co-Chairpersons Judy Brooks and Sara Drake announce the United Fund’s Fairfield Glade Door-to-Door Campaign is off to a good start.  More than $7,000 has been turned in toward the Fairfield Glade goal of $50,000 that is part of the United […]

17Sep2013 | Continued