Sexton, Bailey give support to County on Turbine issue

COMMENTARY By JAY McCARTHY For The Vista Tennesseee legislators — Representative. Cameron Sexton and Senator Paul Bailey — are going to bat for Cumberland County … and the Cumberland Mountain Preservation Coalition is back on the move. Now that Sexton and Bailey are back to work on getting our bill on the Tennessee house floor […]

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Many topics discussed as Board meets

For The Vista There was plenty of news as the Fairfield Glade Community Club held its first board meeting of 2017 recently. Among the topics discussed or updated included the Peavine Road expansion, amenities such as the Pickle Ball courts and Stonehenge patio, and financial news. As mentioned in an earlier issue of The Vista, […]

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As they say, the views expressed are not always our own

Hopefully most already understand the difference between a Letter TO the Editor and a Letter FROM the Editor. This column you are reading right now could, in effect, be considered a Letter FROM the Editor. Easy enough. The reason why I bring this up is that there have been Letters TO the Editor (that would […]

2Feb2017 | Continued

Dublin Crossing is great change of pace restaurant

By JIM ARBER The Food Sleuth For The Vista On January 19 of this year something rather remarkable took place. The famous Little Depot from Mayland TN was moved to downtown Crossvile, TN by Bruce Cannon the owner of several local businesses. Little Depot was nestled in behind the Beef and Barrel restaurant and was […]

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Opposition grows

County residents stage protest at Commissioners’ meeting COMMENTARY By JAY MCCARTHY For The Vista At 7 A.M., led by Jim Martin or  “Mountain Man” as many call him, a group of concerned citizens gathered in protest at the Courthouse in downtown Crossville on October 17. Since Mr. Martin lives in Crab Orchard within a 1,000-feet of […]

28Oct2016 | Continued

Would Wind Farm cut our electric costs here at home?

By JAY MCCARTHY COMMENTARY For The Vista Wind farms are bad news Should government policy be wrong (wind turbines are notoriously ineffective at generating substantial amounts of electricity), then West Cumbria will be blighted by a plethora of wind farms that will ruin the landscape, adversely affect tourism, harm our environment, and not do much […]

18Aug2016 | Continued

CMPC getting some aid from unexpected places

By JAY McCARTHY CPMC COMMITTEE OPINION For The Vista The Cumberland Mountain Preservation Coalition is getting help from unexpected places. Since launching our Web Site several months ago our social media is now is full swing.  Linda and Greg Clark, who live in Homestead, and others from Crab Orchard, Renegade Mountain and as far as […]

28Jul2016 | Continued

Wind Farm issue: Rights vs. Harm

COMMENTARY By SARAH SOUTHALL Special to The Vista The Cumberland County Commissioners Meeting on July 18, 2016, was a struggle between individual property rights and our responsibility as citizens to avoid being harmful to our neighbors. Speaking more technically: A nuisance is an interference with the right to use and enjoy real property. A property […]

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Another Senator and Rep. Sexton oppose project

For The Vista Last week, The Vista reported that Crossville City Council members now are in opposition to the proposed Apex Clean Energy Crab Orchard Wind Project. Now, State Senator Paul Bailey (R-Sparta) and Representative Cameron Sexton (R-Crossville) have announced  their opposition to the proposed wind turbine project in Cumberland County. Sen. Bailey and Rep. […]

24Jun2016 | Continued
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Progress is noted at the Roadmap to Readiness meeting

By EVELYNE KORNREICH & BETTY TURNER For The Vista More than 200 residents filled the Fairfield Glade Community and Conference Center room on Thursday, June 9th, to attend the Fairfield Glade Neighborhood Watch Coalition’s “Roadmap to Readiness” conference. In keeping with National Safety Month, three of our local officials (Cumberland County Sheriff, Casey Cox; Glade […]

24Jun2016 | Continued

Crossville Councilmen stand up to say ‘No’ to Crab Orchard Wind

COMMENTARY By JAY MCCARTHY For The Vista Common Sense — the ability to understand, perceive and judge things. Sound practical judgment that is based on knowledge, training or the like native intelligence. Recently, at the same time almost that Cumberland Mountain Preservation Coalition was having its bi-monthly meeting, something happened that shocked Crossville. Councilman Wyatt, […]

16Jun2016 | Continued

CRAB ORCHARD WIND FARM: Clean Energy for Our Children or Taxpayer Burden for Our Children?

By DONALD MORAN For The Vista I retired three years ago to Fairfield Glade, Crossville, Tennessee. I heard about the Crab Orchard Wind Farm in April of 2016, although wind speed studies and lease agreements with landowners was started in 2014 by Apex Clean Energy LLC. My original opinion of wind farms was positive, if […]

16Jun2016 | Continued

Coming to an Apex?

Wind Project gets unexpected greeting from Glade residents; issue becoming more heated   In all my years here in Fairfield Glade, I don’t know if I have ever seen the community alive and bustling as I did last Wednesday evening. Opinions on the proposed Crab Orchard Wind project that may put 23 Turbines high atop the […]

10Jun2016 | Continued
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Does a Wind Farm make sense for our community?

COMMENTARY BY GEORGE CHIARMONTE For The Vista     Apex Clean Energy is in town this week and will be trying to convince people that they are the next slice of bread.      So let’s take a look at a couple of viewpoints.  Apex Clean Energy right now has more 50 projects in the […]

2Jun2016 | Continued

Is Crab Orchard wind project full of hot air?

Answers not blowing in the wind, but on the internet Kermit the Frog said it best: “It’s not easy being green.” Especially when it comes to Green Energy resources – like Solar Power, GeoThermal Power and Wind Power. The proponents of these types of energy are good people. They care about the environment and they […]

25May2016 | Continued

Alexander takes strong stance against wind farm Orchard Wind

COMMENTARY By JAY MCCARTHY For The Vista “THESE ARE NOT YOUR GRANDMA’S WINDMILLS!”  Those were the words from our Tennessee Senator Lamar Alexander last week from the halls of congress.  Those words have been echoing though the Cumberland Mountains and Town Hall since. On May 18th, we saw our State Senator tell our Cumberland County […]

25May2016 | Continued
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Spike’s refreshing new look inviting to residents and visitors

For The Vista Featuring Jim Arber Peavine Rd. travelers have noticed major activity for weeks at what once was the Phil-ing Station sports bar. If you didn’t notice maybe you should stop driving before you run into something.  For over a month it was all elbows and other parts runnin’ around outside, inside, on the […]

25May2016 | Continued

Wind Farm Developer offers up answers to big questions

BY KEITH WALTHER Vista Publisher/Editor Harry Snyder, Development Manager for Apex Clean Energy, was kind of enough to provide some answers to questions that The Vista posed to him recently. Here is Snyder’s responses to questions regarding the proposed Crab Orchard Wind project: Vista: Can you provide a picture of the area without the exact […]

19May2016 | Continued

Momentum keeps growing for the Cumberland Mtn. Preservation Committee

COMMENTARY By JAY McCARTHY & GEORGE CHIARAMONTE For The Vista Last Thursday night’s meeting of the “Cumberland Mountain Preservation Committee” was again a packed house.  Over 220 people attended and about 55% were new and came to hear the latest information about the negative effects of Wind Turbines. George Chiaramonte, the Chairperson of the Committee, […]

12May2016 | Continued

Community Club ‘learning more’

For The Vista The Fairfield Glade Community Club Board of Directors and General Manager are actively involved in learning more about the wind farm in Crab Orchard, being proposed by Apex Clean Energy. The Board members were first made aware of this project on 1/12/16 when the announcement was made to the public by Mayor […]

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