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A look back at the Wind Farm journey

By KEITH WALTHER Vista Publisher/Editor Starting in March of 2016, The Vista — “Fairfield Glade’s Community Newspaper” – informed its readers about the Apex Wind Farm project and the issues it presented to us and all of Cumberland County through nearly 50 articles and commentaries — not including countless Letters to the Editor allowing residents […]

21Jun2017 | Continued

Apex Energy suspends its Wind Farm plans

Hotly-contested project put on hold “indefinitely” By JAY MCCARTHY For The Vista There’s joy in Mudville tonight! Cumberland Mountain Preservation Coalition (CMPC) received word late last week that Apex Energy has announced it has suspended its proposed Crab Orchard Wind Turbine project indefinitely. “Based on current market conditions and the project’s fundamental qualities, “ we […]

13Jun2017 | Continued

Wyndham sells some Glade land holdings, realty business

By KEITH WALTHER Vista Publisher/Editor For The Vista The buzz around Fairfield Glade in the past week or two turned out to have some sting to it. Rumors circulating that Wyndham Resorts had sold some of its Fairfield Glade land holdings and entities to a New Jersey-based company. Late last week, clarification came when Wyndham […]

7Jun2017 | Continued

Glade GM Weber says: Get the facts first from him

COMMENTARY BY BOB WEBER FGCC General Manager For The Vista In my first year at Price Waterhouse I remember a sign on one of the Senior Manager’s desk that read “Get the Facts First.” Unfortunately we live in a world where information is so readily available we have a tendency to believe everything we hear […]

7Jun2017 | Continued

Glade Planning answers questions

By FFGCC STRATEGIC PLANNING COMM. For The Vista Thank you for your emails received in response to the town hall meetings and the letter written by Oliver Dossmann to our residents. As residents ourselves, we care about our community and its future and we are truly grateful for the opportunity to serve as members of […]

1Jun2017 | Continued

FFGCC explains Discovery Center purchase

By BOB DILLER Glade Board President For The Vista Q. Why does the Police Department need more space? A. Currently the Police Dept. has one office and an entrance lobby with space for two desks inside the fire dept. building as well as a second story space temporarily on loan from Wyndham. The police dept. […]

1Jun2017 | Continued

Senate vote last Thursday freezes Wind Farm project

By JAY MCCARTHY & CRAIG CLARK For The Vista On April 25th, the Tennessee House of Representatives voted overwhelmingly (85 to 3) in favor of Bill HB1021. But nothing was official until the Senate gave its stamp of approval. That happened last Thursday when SB1336 was passed with the same thunderous approval in Nashville— with […]

11May2017 | Continued
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Landslide! Wind bill passes in TN Senate floor

For The Vista Last week, the quest to stop the proposed Crab Orchard Wind Turbine project took a significant step forward as Bill HB1021 passed on the Tennessee State Senate Floor. Not only did it pass, it did so by a whopping 85-3 vote! Rep. Cameron Sexton  successfully maneuvered and helped get the bill passed […]

26Apr2017 | Continued

Peavine project moving along

For The Vista The Tennessee Department of Transportation has provided an update of the progress of the Peavine Road expansion project. Also known as State Route 101, work on Peavine Road’s expansion to five lanes is well underway. Currently, TDOT noted that grading, drainage, and paving from Firetower Road to Westchester/Catoosa Boulevard is continuing. Construction […]

26Apr2017 | Continued

Will Marketplace decide Wind Farm future?

BY JIM ARBER For The Vista It has been difficult to get a status report on the Crab Orchard Wind farm from the developer. It may be that there is just nothing happening yet as much is to be decided. We did find out that all the proposed legislation and angst created by this project […]

13Apr2017 | Continued

Over 3,000 Glade residents respond to F&B survey

By BOB WEBER FGCC General Manager For The Vista Thanks to the 3,193 respondents who completed the Fairfield Glade Community Club’s Food and Beverage survey. We estimate we have about 8,000 residents so this represents a 40% return rate which is very good.  The PCA presentation, final report and survey results link can be found […]

13Apr2017 | Continued

Wind Farm Bill 1336 moves forward

BY JAY MCCARTHY For The Vista This was Legislative Fireworks — Tennessee Style. For those of you that haven’t had the chance to travel to Nashville to show your support for the Cumberland Mountain Preservation Coalition’s (CMPC) Bill SB1336/HB1021— you don’t know what you’re missing. During the first senate committee hearing recently, our adversaries from […]

6Apr2017 | Continued

TDOT provides Peavine Rd. updates

For The Vista Here is the latest news on the Peavine Road expansion project, as presented by the Tennessee Department of Transportation: CUMBERLAND COUNTY, SR-101 (Peavine Road) grading, drainage, and paving from Firetower Road to Westchester/Catoosa Boulevard:  Work on this project continues.  Construction signs have been installed.  The contractor will be installing and maintaining erosion […]

6Apr2017 | Continued

Opening Soon…VERY soon

This Saturday, April 1, Glade residents will be able to enjoy the facilities at Stonehenge Golf Club — including the new outdoor patio (above) that is under roof (there is also a section where patrons can enjoy the sunshine). Pictured below right, that is not a mound of snow, rather bunker sand. It was spotted […]

29Mar2017 | Continued

CMPC needs Residents’ help “In the Trenches” to fight Wind project

COMMENTARY By JAY MCCARTHY For The Vista This week has been an enlightening experience for all that either went to Nashville or watched via Internet the bill that the Cumberland Mountain Preservation Coalition (CMPC) sponsored to stop the Crab Orchard Industrial wind project. When the CMPC started this process of getting legislation passed over 8 […]

29Mar2017 | Continued

Meetings on Village Center and Concert Park plans set

For The Vista The Fairfield Glade Community Club will be hosting more Town Hall meetings for the proposed Village Center and Concert Park Conceptual Plans on March 27th and March 29th. The Town Hall meetings will be held in the conference center at 3 P.M. and 7 P.M. each day.  The meetings are intended to […]

23Mar2017 | Continued
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Sexton joins Bailey to discuss Wind Project

COMMENTARY By JAY MCCARTHY For The Vista Rep Cameron Sexton paid Cumberland Mountain Preservation Coalition a surprise visit. This past Thursday CMPC had its planned meeting and was told that Sen. Paul Bailey would address the crowd and answer any questions that residents had in regards to the Bill HB 1021/SB1336. To everyone’s surprise accompanying […]

17Mar2017 | Continued

Martin finds law for County to use against Wind Farm

COMMENTARY By JAY MCCARTHY Special To The Vista Another Tuesday night at the fights at downtown city hall. In case you weren’t there, Glade resident Jim Martin —AKA (Mountain Man) — scored another TKO against Crossville Mayor Carey and the Cumberland County Commissioners. Over 6 months ago, our county commissioner Sandra Dutcher presented the mayor, […]

2Mar2017 | Continued

And so it begins…

Just as it said it would — and as reported in last week’s issue of The Vista — the Tennessee Department of Transportation (TDOT) accomplished a significant amount of work last week on the long-awaited Peavine Road expansion project. Massive equipment leveled trees and brush along the path of the new route, as seen in […]

2Mar2017 | Continued

Road Work Ahead! Peavine Road project starts

Special to The Vista Fairfield Glade residents will begin to see more activity along Peavine Road (State Route 101) in the very near future. In the Tennessee Department of Transportation announced last week that work on the long-awaited project will gin with the contractor installing construction signs. Thereafter, erosion control measures will be implemented along […]

23Feb2017 | Continued