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Two Glade Golf Courses make Golfweek’s list of Top Five Best Tennessee Courses By KEITH WALTHER Vista Publisher/Editor Crossville has been touted as the Golf Capital of Tennessee but — let’s make it real here — that applies particularly to Fairfield Glade. There would be no such claim if not for the five wonderful 18-hole golf courses […]

26Apr2017 | Continued
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Our Little Hummer friends are returning to Glade’s delight

BY JIM ARBER For The Vista Lots of remarkable things happen all around us.  We’re aware of some but often miss the best parts.  The amazing Little Hummer is one that we maybe just don’t fully appreciate. These little hummingbirds fly all the way back from their winter homes in Southern Mexico and Latin America.  […]

20Apr2017 | Continued
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Why We Live Here

  The beauty of Fairfield Glade has come out of hibernation. Grass is now green and the trees are beginning to open up as the above photo — taken at the second hole at Druid Hills — attests to. At right,  is “one last winter-like sunrise”— taken at Stonehenge #18 over the lake as the […]

13Apr2017 | Continued
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Buying used cars makes good sense but an adventure

I have only owned a new car a few times in my life. A couple bought, a couple leased. In general, I have opted to go with a used vehicle. Let others take the depreciation hit. Now when I say used, I mean USED. I’m not talking about something a year or two old. Usually […]

6Apr2017 | Continued
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Winter’s Last Gasp?

Well, yesterday (March 20) was the official “First Day of Spring”. But last week, it sure wasn’t feeling like Spring was at the doorstep. In fact, looking out his back door at the 4th hole at Heatherhurst Brae, Glade resident Ned Giddens took this picture last Wednesday morning after an overnight “dusting” of snow fell. […]

23Mar2017 | Continued

And so it begins…

Just as it said it would — and as reported in last week’s issue of The Vista — the Tennessee Department of Transportation (TDOT) accomplished a significant amount of work last week on the long-awaited Peavine Road expansion project. Massive equipment leveled trees and brush along the path of the new route, as seen in […]

2Mar2017 | Continued

New technology? Some prefer old school

I’m not what you’d call a high tech sort of guy. I am not into the latest and hippest gadgets and gizmos. My favorite gadgets amount to the power seat in my SUV and its CD player. Truth is though, if they still made 8-track and cassette players I’d be all over that. Yes, I […]

16Feb2017 | Continued
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Why We Live Here

Glade resident Mary Ferraro Smith got up early in the morning to capture this fantastic collage of beauty here in Fairfield Glade. Taken from the Fairfield North area looking out to the East, she took these four photos over a span of a half our — from 6:20 A.M. to 6:50 A.M. last Wednesday. She […]

9Feb2017 | Continued
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Beauty in January? Yep!

It takes one to pay attention, keep their eyes open, but there’s no doubt that Fairfield Glade is STILL a beautiful place even in the “dead” of winter! Leave it to Vista photographer James Lovelace to find a couple examples of just that. Left, the rays of the sun create a beautiful view over Lake […]

2Feb2017 | Continued

Make a difference

Charity provides resident with a way to help less fortunate children By GIBBS LUKOSKIE For The Vista As I was sitting on the small outrigger boat being ferried back from a remote island in the Philippines, I reflected back to 28 years ago when I was an up-and-coming yacht broker just starting to make my mark in […]

19Jan2017 | Continued
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Why We Live Here

Ex-Fairfield Glade Board President Charlie Woll saw this beautiful view of Lake Dartmoor on Christmas morning and took a picture to share with the community. With the clouds reflecting on the water and the fog creeping above the water, one can hardly tell which way is up and which is down.

19Jan2017 | Continued

Crazy bowl season results in close race in Gridiron contest

By ED LEWIS For The Vista What a crazy, unusual 41 game bowl season college football fans just observed, and that included the 20 bowl games that comprised the annual Vista contest for six local “experts” who made predictions regarding winning teams. Congratulations to contest co-winners Greg Dorton and Keith Walther for their winning records […]

12Jan2017 | Continued

Autumn Snapshots

It is the favorite time of the year for many Fairfield Glade residents and guests — Autumn. And whether you are at one of the golf courses like Heatherhurst Crag (below) or just driving down a road …. the Fall colors pop out and grab you. Enjoy!

3Nov2016 | Continued

Glade native completes amazing project enabling all to know what lies beneath lakes

By PAUL LARSEN Special to The Vista My name is Paul Larsen and I grew up in Fairfield Glade during the early 1980’s. As a child, I remember standing on our family dock wondering what lie beneath the water. I returned to the Glade in 2016 and went to the marinas to inquire if they […]

28Oct2016 | Continued


Palmer’s influence crossed generations When I was a boy, we had two trees in the front yard, straight across from each other and spaced about 10-15 yards apart. My Dad had given me an old Wilson Arnold Palmer Signature 8-iron to use and I would go out and chip balls from one tree to another, […]

4Oct2016 | Continued
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Glade resident Garrison adds writer to his skill set list

For The Vista DJ Garrison is just full of surprises. Just when we think we know the man, along comes a new facet. Most of us are familiar with DJ as an entertainer, singer, and musician, with shows at the Palace Theater, The Cumberland County Playhouse, and various venues throughout Fairfield Glade.  Just last year […]

25May2016 | Continued

Why We Live Here

Though we have had our share of cloudy days of late, when the sun does come out there is a plethora of colors to be enjoyed — such as one of resident Evelyn Hagood’s flowers (bottom right) or the beautiful blooming tree (top photo) near the Village Green Mall.

14Apr2016 | Continued

No More Filling Up at Phil-ing Station

Long-time Glade grille reluctantly shuts down Unexpected. That was the general feeling of long-time patrons of  The Phil-ing Station early last week after they were informed that the iconic restaurant was shutting down operations — immediately! After nearly 16 years of service to the community, Phil’s great food and beers, were replaced with tears. Out of the […]

5Apr2016 | Continued
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Tickets available for Glade Music Festival in May

For The Vista Tickets are now available for the Fairfield Glade Music Festival on May 14.   Tickets are available at the Fairfield Glade Conference Center, Crossville Heating and Cooling, and First National Bank of TN in Fairfield Glade and Crossville. For a donation of $20 you can enjoy music from 12 – 7:30, and […]

5Apr2016 | Continued

Weber and staff put on great show for new residents

Impressive. That was the word I would use to describe the various Fairfield Glade Community Club staff leaders that spoke at last Monday’s New Residents dinner meeting at Druid Hills Country Club. Every one from Neil Archibald, Director of Food and Beverage, to Public Safety Chief Mike Williams, to General Manager Bob Weber — and […]

4Mar2016 | Continued