Despite acting success, Emery still appreciates her Crossville home By KEITH WALTHER Vista Publisher/Editor It’s a story of a local girl living her dream — while staying true to her roots. Crossville native Julie Ann Emery may be a successful Hollywood actress but she has not forgotten for a moment where she comes from and how it […]

7Dec2017 | Continued

Can’t we all just get along?

Rare photos of two Bucks squaring off were taken recently by Glade resident Debra Reihl, who caught the duel with her cell phone camera — of course, a safe distance away. There seems to be a lot of wildlife near Reihl’s residence as, if you recall, she captured a soaring Bald Eagle on film recently […]

30Nov2017 | Continued

OK, so I have some quirks — but isn’t it true we all do?

Have you ever been accused of being anal — as in anal retentive? Perhaps you have what others may feel is an irritating habit. Or you Perhaps your attention to detail is so meticulous that it borders on obsessive. Do you have your medicine cabinet in perfect order, and they must stay that way always? […]

22Nov2017 | Continued
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Why We Live Here

The beauty found right now on the Fairfield Glade Golf Courses may not improve your game — but the Autumn colors will definitely help you forget a bad shot. Golfers had this gorgeous view from the 17th hole at Heatherhurst Brae. Meanwhile, (see inset), an old gravel path is framed by trees and the calm […]

2Nov2017 | Continued

Hold on to your cart! This is “Madness” indeed

By JOHN CANNON For The Vista It’s Midnight Madness week! The newspaper circular just arrived and I have just three days to prepare. Midnight Madness is a grocery shopping extravaganza  like no other. From noon till 9 P.M. on Friday old folks shop till they drop, literally, because they cannot stay awake till midnight. After […]

4Oct2017 | Continued
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Make up your mind …

One minute it’s raining. The next it’s bright sunshine. And, sometimes, it’s both! With the hot late-summer temperatures last week, thunderstorms and pop-up rainstorms were the rule. This picture, taken over Lake Oxford during a rain shower on September 20, showed that even while it was raining the sun often kept shining through the broken […]

28Sep2017 | Continued

It’s time to concentrate on the real important issues — over or under?

We live in perilous times here in Fairfield Glade. All this bickering over Fire Departments and Board elections has us all on edge. So I thought it was time to delve into some really hard-hitting news to get our minds off of those things. It came to me recently that the truly weightier matter that […]

14Sep2017 | Continued
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Why We Live Here

Talk about your great views! This beautiful sunset was captured by resident Lynn Varcak as she looked out over Lake St. George last week. The serene and colorful scene reminds us of “Why We Live Here.”

7Sep2017 | Continued
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Just trying to survive the great power outage and solar eclipse of 2017

It’s certainly a good thing that Volunteer Energy Co-op (VEC) alerted Fairfield Glade to the power outage to occur from 11 P.M. last Friday until 6 A.M. Saturday. But, it’s also kind of sad. Let me explain. As a society we are so spoiled that a “warning” is needed so that we can brace for […]

17Aug2017 | Continued
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Broadway coming to the Glade

By DAVID PRIGG For The Vista Bryce McDonald and the cast from Cumberland County Playhouse will be in Fairfield Glade Aug. 24th and 25th presenting the “Golden Age of Broadway.” Fairfield Glade Resident Services (FGRS), “Neighbors Helping Neighbors” is extremely happy to announce the return of the Cumberland County Playhouse to Fairfield Glade for this […]

17Aug2017 | Continued

Venting and wishing for the end of election

I try to be even-keeled. I really do. Don’t always succeed … but try. And I try to be fair to everyone. Give everyone a voice. Let them have their say. And most of my columns try to stay on the humorous or helpful side. Not this one. This Board election and all the bickering […]

10Aug2017 | Continued
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Fairfield Glade Community Club planning Solar Eclipse Blackout Party on August 21

For The Vista Now the Fun Begins with an exciting Solar Eclipse Blackout Party planned in Fairfield Glade on August 21st from 12 to 3 P.M. Make plans to join your friends at the Square (corner of Peavine & Stonehenge) for live music, food, beer, games, and other special activities. There will be a “Dip […]

10Aug2017 | Continued
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Glade resident nabs Olympic silver

For The Vista Local Fairfield Glade resident, Ted Telle, recently competed in the 2017 Tennessee Senior Olympics held in Nashville, TN on June 27-28. Tellee entered the 50 and 100 yard freestyle in swimming in the 65-69 year old age group.  In the 50 free,  he earned 2nd place and his Silver Medal with a […]

26Jul2017 | Continued
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Fourth of July — Hickory Ridge Style!

Here is a look at the First Annual Neighborhood Independence Day Lawnmower Parade as celebrated by residents of Hickory Ridge in Fairfield North. Of course, this is why we live here! It was just one of the many events taking place iin Fairfield Glade over the long 4th of July weekend.

13Jul2017 | Continued

We got your Fireworks right here!

As colorful as they are — the rockets that go off over the July 4th holiday, pale in comparison to the natural wonder of the sunrise (left) and sunset (right). Glade resident Karen Finley snapped the photo of this spectacular sunrise over Lake Glastowbury last week while resident Gary Milam took the picture of the […]

6Jul2017 | Continued

Don’t like to brag … but maybe just this one time?

My parents taught me not to brag. Even when it came to athletic endeavors, Dad always said, “Let your game do the talking.” Well, what’s the fun in that? Just kidding. But this is one time — as word came last week that Apex Energy will halt its plans for the Crab Orchard Wind Farm […]

21Jun2017 | Continued

Entering the big debate: Who is better, ’Bron or MJ?

Who you got — Lebron James or Michael Jordan? Jordan has been called the G.O.A.T. (Greatest of all time) by most NBA fans and experts … but the gap is closing — FAST. Some are now saying, in fact, that James — as he leads his Cleveland Cavaliers into the NBA Finals this week against […]

1Jun2017 | Continued
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Why We Live Here

All of the golf courses in Fairfield Glade are beautiful and can make a golfer stop and pause to admire the scenery. One such place is Heatherhurst Brae’s 4th hole. This picturesque Par 5 features a babbling brook that creates two fun approach shots. The covered bridge offers a trek to head to your ball […]

18May2017 | Continued
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The Fairfield Glade community were on the receiving end of several thunderstorms last week. One storm — packing strong straight-line winds — caused this tree to uproot onto a house located at 143 Lakeside Drive in Fairfield Glade. With all the rain accumulated of late, the soil was very wet which, coupled with the winds, […]

11May2017 | Continued

“Progress” brings some sadness, too

The newest, The biggest. The best. That’s what “Progress” can bring, some say. Even with that in mind, when one drives up and down Peavine Road these days, it is an eye-opening experience. And, some say, a sad one. As the Peavine Road expansion project continues, Peavine travelers see a swath of destruction with trees […]

3May2017 | Continued