The Perfect Storm

Yes, it was a terrible winter storm here in Fairfield Glade — but for two residents it was sheer bliss By JIM ARBER For The Vista It was a bitter cold night.  Fairfield Glade, Cumberland County and the whole Cumberland Plateau was in the grip of ice, snow, wind, frigid temperatures and grinder pumps that […]

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Why We Live here

This beautiful red fox was spotted recently after a snow storm here in Fairfield Glade, providing a sharp, colorful contrast between its coat and the white terrain.

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Spring ready to make its splash

Well it is finally here! Spring! Yes, this Friday — March 20 — will be the Spring Equinox …. better known as the first day of Spring! And we thought it might never get here, right? The forecast looks good for the week but, alas, there are never any promises. Remember the first week of […]

19Mar2015 | Continued

Applaud the hard workers who dug us out

If you are sick of winter, raise your snow shovel high and say “Yuck!” Yes, it has been a winter to remember for all the wrong reasons, hasn’t it? Ok, you can put your shovels down now. Fact is, we are under two weeks away from the offical start of Spring and here we are, […]

11Mar2015 | Continued

What a Week of Weather!!

Most Fairfield Glade residents are calling it “the worst week of winter I have ever seen around here.” At the time this issue of The Vista went to press, hundreds of homes were still without power and some without water. Yes, ice, snow, wind and sub-zero temperatues — we experienced it all  in the last […]

6Mar2015 | Continued
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Why We Live Here

Last week we experienced temperatures in the 50s and many took advantage by taking a walk. Above is one of the views that Glade residents Nona and Jim Jensen enjoyed during their “winter walk.” The photo was taken on the back nine at the Dorchester Golf Course.

29Jan2015 | Continued

Why We Live Here

Even during the cold, dreary months of Winter, there is beauty to be found in Fairfield Glade. The sunset captured above is evidence of that. Despite freezing temperatures, this sunset could compete with any seen during the Summer months.

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A Year to Remember

For The Vista By Thomas Covino As we approach a new year, it ‘s time to look back at what we did or didn’t do this past year.  I know many of us would like this to be the forgotten year because of the loss of a close friend or the opportunity to call and […]

8Jan2015 | Continued
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One big bird rules the roost

Fairfield Glade residents Jim and Sandi Foreman spots this majestic Bald Eagle on top of a nearby tree close to Lake Dartmoor. Residents of the area have seen four of the birds so far — a a pair and two small ones — although “small” is not an accurate term. “These things are huge once […]

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Aye, Aye Captain(s)!

Jacobsens come to the Glade after decorated Navy careers By JIM ARBER For The Vista Two retired Navy Captains invaded the Glade recently. Their names are Scott and Mary K. Jacobsen and they moved in permanently in September of this year after an extensive renovation of their newly-purchased residence. Retired Navy Captains, Scott “Shakey” Jacobsen […]

10Dec2014 | Continued

30 years!?!

Where has the time gone, my sweet (first) wife In all my married life, I do not believe I have ever forgotten my anniversary. In fact, I am sure of it. However, I believe there was a time or two that I either forgot to get my wife a card or was late in doing so. […]

2Dec2014 | Continued
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Why We Live Here — Sunrises and Sunsets!

  In a matter of less than 11 hours, Fairfield Glade residents can be treated to a beautiful sunrise — like the one above left over Lake Catherine — and a stunning sunset — like the one above right. The sun was just coming up over the trees on the morning and the sky was […]

26Nov2014 | Continued

Wasting no time

Newcomers to Glade giving back to the community By JIM ARBER For The Vista People that move to Fairfield Glade do so for many different reasons. Some want to kick back, period. Some want to play golf. Some want to fish, to hike, and to enjoy the beauty. Others want to move here and “get […]

18Nov2014 | Continued
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Fall’s Final Burst of Colors?

The colors are fading and the leaves are falling at a faster pace. Yes, the best of what we love about Fall in Fairfield Glade is getting harder to find. Yet, there are still specactular spots to behold — such as Lake Canterbury (above) and the 18th hole at Stonehenge Golf Course (at left).

13Nov2014 | Continued
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How about that? Three years and counting

  As I was working on The Vista this past week, it struck me — “Hey, Happy Anniversary to me!” Yes, it has been three years now that I have had the reins of The Vista as its Publisher/Editor. As the old saying goes, “Time flies when you’re having fun.” Oh, it’s not always fun, […]

5Nov2014 | Continued

Really? Winter in October?!

Just a week ago, temperatures were in the 70s and 80s and the Autumn colors were bursting on the trees in Fairfield Glade. But last Friday night we all had to do a double-take when we looked at the calendar. Yes, it was still October! Yet, SNOW was here, blanketing those colorful leaves with a […]

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Nothing like golf in the Fall at Fairfield Glade!

There are views literally on every hole at all five Fairfield Glade golf courses — but especially is that true in Autumn. Playing a round of golf at Dorchester with his son, Jesse, Glade resident James Lovelace took the time to share those vistas with Vista readers.

30Oct2014 | Continued

Why We Live Here

Trees Beautiful, trees, beautiful Fall Some trees are short, others are tall. Every color leaf, every shade every hue Go for a drive, there’s a fantastic view! The leaves keep falling – drop – drop – drop Sometimes it seems they will never stop. Then winter comes, trees are bare They look so sad, like […]

22Oct2014 | Continued
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Seeing double…RAINBOW MANIA

As the old song says, Rainy Days and Mondays sometimes get people down. But that was hardly the case last Monday, October 6th. As rain subsided late in the day, the sun broke through and the results were seen around Fairfield Glade in the form of a double rainbow. The spectacular colors were enjoyed from […]

16Oct2014 | Continued

Some things are better left alone

A few weeks ago, I wrote a column about advancing technology, especially the gadgets we use daily — like cell phones, etc. Well, consider this Part B. Some things that we use have seemingly been around forever. For instance, drinking fountains are not a new concept. We all remember coming in from recess when we […]

8Oct2014 | Continued