Wind Farm Developer offers up answers to big questions

BY KEITH WALTHER Vista Publisher/Editor Harry Snyder, Development Manager for Apex Clean Energy, was kind of enough to provide some answers to questions that The Vista posed to him recently. Here is Snyder’s responses to questions regarding the proposed Crab Orchard Wind project: Vista: Can you provide a picture of the area without the exact […]

19May2016 | Continued

Momentum keeps growing for the Cumberland Mtn. Preservation Committee

COMMENTARY By JAY McCARTHY & GEORGE CHIARAMONTE For The Vista Last Thursday night’s meeting of the “Cumberland Mountain Preservation Committee” was again a packed house.  Over 220 people attended and about 55% were new and came to hear the latest information about the negative effects of Wind Turbines. George Chiaramonte, the Chairperson of the Committee, […]

12May2016 | Continued

Packed house attends Wind Farm meeting

Coalition of Glade residents provide info By JAY MCCARTHY For The Vista Cumberland Mountain Preservation Coalition (CMPC) spoke to a packed house in Fairfield Glades Multi-Purpose building last Thursday afternoon. Much of the crowd was left standing and many people could not attend because the parking lot was full. It was a barnburner of a […]

6May2016 | Continued

Proposed locations discovered for Windmills

By JAY MCCARTHY AND KEITH WALTHER For The Vista Some new information was learned – but more questions remain. That was the feeling of most after attending a meeting last Wednesday at the Fairfield Glade Conference Center, held by Apex Energy to explain to the residents their progress of the Construction of the Industrial Wind […]

28Apr2016 | Continued

Why We Live Here

Though we have had our share of cloudy days of late, when the sun does come out there is a plethora of colors to be enjoyed — such as one of resident Evelyn Hagood’s flowers (bottom right) or the beautiful blooming tree (top photo) near the Village Green Mall.

14Apr2016 | Continued

No More Filling Up at Phil-ing Station

Long-time Glade grille reluctantly shuts down Unexpected. That was the general feeling of long-time patrons of  The Phil-ing Station early last week after they were informed that the iconic restaurant was shutting down operations — immediately! After nearly 16 years of service to the community, Phil’s great food and beers, were replaced with tears. Out of the […]

5Apr2016 | Continued


Is a Wind Farm coming to Glade area in future? COMMENTARY By JAY MCCARTHY Special To The Vista Renewable energy, tax revenue, cheap energy, new jobs, save the world! All great things you want to hear, right? These are the words that warm politician’s pockets. Especially when it isn’t built in their back yard and the federal […]

18Mar2016 | Continued

Weber clarifies discount via resident cards

For The Vista The Fairfield Glade Community Club and General Manager Bob Weber wish to announce that as of March 1st, a new software program for the entire community as begun to be utilized. While the transition will not cause noticeable differences in the way you purchase items, there is one significant change: The Club […]

11Mar2016 | Continued

Weber and staff put on great show for new residents

Impressive. That was the word I would use to describe the various Fairfield Glade Community Club staff leaders that spoke at last Monday’s New Residents dinner meeting at Druid Hills Country Club. Every one from Neil Archibald, Director of Food and Beverage, to Public Safety Chief Mike Williams, to General Manager Bob Weber — and […]

4Mar2016 | Continued

Look out for that….Potho-o-o-o-le!!

(Editor’s Note: We are glad to acknowledge the work of road crews last week filling in potholes along Peavine Road!) Special to The Vista KNOXVILLE — As snow and ice begins to melt on roadways, the asphalt becomes compromised. Potholes are formed by water intrusion in the cracks of the asphalt. As a result, the […]

26Feb2016 | Continued

Laxton giving his all for Fairfield Glade Safety Department

For The Vista (Editor’s Note: This is the second in a series of short biographies on the FG Pubic Safety Officers and Staff. Charles David Laxton was born in Rockwood TN.  He has spent nearly all of his life in Roane County, TN, graduating from Harriman HS.   He has an Associate’s Degree in Police […]

18Feb2016 | Continued

Big changes coming to Fireside – like it or not

Change is good, they say. Embrace it or you will cease to grow, they say. Others, however, say change for the sake of change is not always progress. Changing a bad habit is obviously a good thing. But changing your job is not always beneficial and actually can make one long for the way things […]

28Jan2016 | Continued


This beautiful Bald Eagle was seen enjoying the sunshine recently atop a tree near Lake Pomeroy. There have many Bald Eagle sightings in Fairfield Glade this Fall and Winter. Interesting to note, there were no known successful Bald Eagle nests found in the state between 1961 and 1983. Efforts, coordinated by TWRA, to restore Tennessee’s […]

14Jan2016 | Continued

Pieces coming together for Peavine Project?

Glade gets an update from TDOT By KEITH WALTHER Vista Publisher/Editor The Fairfield Glade Community Club recently received an update from the Tennessee Department of Transporation regarding the long-awaited Peavine Road expansion project. A letter was received by Fairfield Glade Community Club President Robert L. Diller. Here is the letter in its entirety: Dear Mr. […]

10Dec2015 | Continued

Squirrel Dodging

‘Elusive’ critters are hard to avoid My Aunt Edie loved animals! She viewed even the smallest critter as a life worth protecting. Why, many times she avoided caterpillars going across a country road. No joke. I saw her do it. And I, like most all of you dear readers, love all the creatures around us and […]

12Nov2015 | Continued

Be on the watch for recent scams

By MIKE WILLIAMS Fairfield Glade Public Safety Chief For The Vista Residents are receiving calls from someone saying that they are the I.R.S. and that you owe a penalty for not paying your taxes in a timely manner. Anytime you receive a phone call from someone like this, it is false. The I.R.S. does not […]

5Nov2015 | Continued

Recent tragedies teach us that depression and suicide go hand-in-hand

Depression is an equal opportunity destroyer. It doesn’t care if you are rich, poor; male or female; black, white or purple. Any one can become clinically depressed. If you haven’t — great for you! But hopefully you are not one of those ignorant of the fact that it is REAL. Hopefully, you are not one […]

1Oct2015 | Continued

Opportunity to support local hospice

For The Vista The Fairfield Glade Hospice Auxiliary, in conjunction with the Trails Committee of the Fairfield Glade Community Club, will hold  “Hit the Trails for Hospice” Saturday, October 3, from 10 A.M. to 3 P.M. This event, fun for the entire family, is being held at  Mirror Lake (corner of Peavine Rd. and Stonehenge […]

24Sep2015 | Continued

Shocking murders in Va. hit home

What next? As Fairfield Glade residents this week dealt with the tragic news of 19-year-old Zachary Cottrell’s drowning death, a senseless incident was taking place in Moneta, Virginia. Two television journalists in Virginia were shot to death during a live broadcast Wednesday morning, once again bringing into focus America’s fraught relationship with guns and gun […]

9Sep2015 | Continued

Southern Stars announces 2015-16 season; tickets on sale soon

For The Vista Crossville’s own 30-piece professional brass ensemble, the Southern Stars Symphonic Brass (SSSB), is announcing their series of three concerts to be held at the 1,200 seat Stone Memorial HS Auditorium in Crossville. This will be their eighth season providing “Premium Entertainment” for the enjoyment of area residents. The dates for this season […]

27Aug2015 | Continued