Festive spirit arrives early amid positive budget report

By BILL PIECUCH For The Vista Santa did arrive a bit early — and in an unexpected fashion:  A balanced budget was unveiled during the monthly Fairfield Glade meeting. And the customarily tough grilling by residents for hidden warts was replaced by rare chorus of accolades. Almost as a signal of the holiday season, General […]

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Wasting no time

Newcomers to Glade giving back to the community By JIM ARBER For The Vista People that move to Fairfield Glade do so for many different reasons. Some want to kick back, period. Some want to play golf. Some want to fish, to hike, and to enjoy the beauty. Others want to move here and “get […]

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Glade Board rescinds 2% surcharge on preferred cards

For The Vista Many have commented on the proposed 2% surcharge that was to be applied when topping up the Preferred Member Card by using a credit card as payment. This was considered to assist with offsetting some of the charges incurred by the Club for credit card processing thereby giving us more money to […]

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Really? Winter in October?!

Just a week ago, temperatures were in the 70s and 80s and the Autumn colors were bursting on the trees in Fairfield Glade. But last Friday night we all had to do a double-take when we looked at the calendar. Yes, it was still October! Yet, SNOW was here, blanketing those colorful leaves with a […]

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Why We Live Here

Trees Beautiful, trees, beautiful Fall Some trees are short, others are tall. Every color leaf, every shade every hue Go for a drive, there’s a fantastic view! The leaves keep falling – drop – drop – drop Sometimes it seems they will never stop. Then winter comes, trees are bare They look so sad, like […]

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Friends of Peavine make their reply to TDOT

By CATHY TIPTON For The Vista In May 2014, the Friends of Peavine received a request for information from TDOT’s Beautification Office. Their eight questions below are in response to the Friends’ September 2013 request to have Peavine Road included in the protections afforded by the Tennessee Scenic Parkway regulations. In an effort to keep […]

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Some things are better left alone

A few weeks ago, I wrote a column about advancing technology, especially the gadgets we use daily — like cell phones, etc. Well, consider this Part B. Some things that we use have seemingly been around forever. For instance, drinking fountains are not a new concept. We all remember coming in from recess when we […]

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Offical glass for Festival event gets unveiled

For The Vista The Fairfield Glade Rotary Club unveiled the official wine glass that will be given to each attendee at the Wine on the Plateau Festival. This year’s event will be held at the 4-way stop area on Saturday, October 11 from 2 to 4 PM. Over 40 varieties of fine wines, craft beers […]

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Why We Live Here

Nathy Hill looked out her bedroom window in her Fairfield Glade home and field Glade pictures of a hawk that was perched outside “Surprisingly,” Hill said, “it stayed in the tree for quite some time so I could get some pictures. I was surprised to see how the feathers on it’s breast looked like little […]

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Peavine Road expansion work remains stalled

By KEITH WALTHER For The Vista Three months ago, The Vista reported that work on the Peavine Road expansion project would likely begin August. As the calendar turned from August to September … well, still nothing. So it was time to contact the Tennessee Department of Transportation (TDOT) and ask — what gives? The answer, […]

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Glade resident gets back on the bus

Life Care Center helps tour driver recover from broken leg Special To The Vista  It’s hard to drive a tour bus with a broken leg. Thanks to rehabilitation at Life Care Center of Crossville, however, local tour bus driver Joe Wessel will soon be back behind the wheel. Wessel, who lives in Fairfield Glade, fell […]

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Hey, Take a hike!

No, really, you should — with one of these groups For The Vista If you are wanting to see some beautiful scenery, get some exercise and have some fun with fellow Fairfield Glade residents — then take a hike! There are two well-established groups that will offer you the chance to do all the above […]

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I can’t keep up with this technology

I remember not so long ago I went and paid my grandma a visit. She was in her 90s and still pretty sharp mentally — and never afraid to speak her mind. — and I loved that about her. She was a modern thinker, kept abreast of the news and all things to do with […]

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Boomer Sooner!

University of Oklahoma star Jao-Javanil wins 16th annual Tennessee Women’s Open at Stonehenge Golf Club By KEITH WALTHER Vista Publisher/Editor Having won the NCAA women’s golf title in 2012, there was no question that Chirapat Jao-Javanil was a player to watch coming into the 16th Tenneessee Women’s Open. And so it was no shock that all […]

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Glade Resident on the run for good health mit painting

Special to The Vista No one can get away with telling Naiad Kuhlman of Fairfield Glade that age is a barrier to exercise. The avid runner, personal trainer and instructor at Cumberland Medical Center’s Wellness Complex at Fairfield Glade won’t buy the excuse. That’s because she is a walking – and running – example of […]

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Lebron not the only one with tough decisions

Well, Lebron James is going home.He kept Cleveland Cavalier and Miami Heat fans — not to mention ESPN — captive for quite a while, didn’t he? What his decision would be as to where he would “take his talents” to this time around were bantered about by sports bloggers and reporters all over the country. […]

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Baby Raccoons? Yes, please!

No, that is not a little puppy dog that Glade resident Ricky Kendall is getting to know — it is a baby raccoon. Perhaps their introduction went like this: “Hi, I’m Ricky.” “…Oh hello, I’m Rocky.” Maybe not. Regardless, the young raccoon seemed intrigued by Kendall. Minutes earlier, the baby raccoon was romping around with […]

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So “futbol” got this “football” fan’s attention

Like most males and many females living America I’m a football fan and always will be. I did not grow up near a major college so my focus has always been on the NFL. Somehow, I recently got settled in front of a TV with a World Cup game on. Not sure how that happened […]

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Why We Live Here

With the abundance of afternoon thunderstorms in recent weeks, there is one thing that all Glade residents have seen a lot of lately — thunderheads. Often, summer time thunderheads are beautiful sights! This one was taken at Lake Glastonbury Dam recently at sunset.

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Keeping an Open mind

Glade resident gets up close look at U.S. Open Special to The Vista Fairfield Glade resident Tim Tewalt recently had the unique experience of serving as a volunteer at the U.S. Open golf tournament in Pinehurst, N.C. Tewalt served as a walking scorer at the event — his third U.S. Open and 17th tournament overall. […]

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