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Hikers set off for Rugby Loop

By ANNE DODGE and MARY KOPMEIER On Friday, Oct. 6 the Fairfield Glade Hikers drive 55 miles to Rugby for their hike on The Rugby Loop. Also known as Meeting of the Waters Loop,  the trail runs beside the Clear Fork River and eventually meets White Oak Creek.  Along this trail hikers will enjoy big […]

4Oct2017 | Continued

Lions’ 2nd Annual Walk for Diabetes slated for April 29

By KEN STEADMAN For The Vista The Crossville and Fairfield Glade Lions Clubs, Leo Club from Cumberland County High School and the Cumberland Medical Center Diabetes Group will again sponsor a Strides Walk to fight Diabetes on Saturday  April 29, 2017. The event will take place at Centennial Park, 837 Industrial Boulevard, Crossville, Tennessee starting […]

2Feb2017 | Continued

Know symptoms of diabetes

By KEN STEAMAN For The Vista Some people have diabetes symptoms so mild that they go unnoticed. Please share any questions or concerns you may have with your doctor. The following are some common symptoms of the disease: • Urinating often • Feeling very thirsty • Feeling very hungry – even though you are eating […]

28Jan2016 | Continued

Diabetes: What you need to know

By KEN STEAMAN For The Vista Diabetes is a life-long disease that affects the way your body handles glucose, a kind of sugar, in your blood. There are two types of diabetes that are identified as Type 1 and Type 2. Type 1 diabetes is usually diagnosed in children and young adults, and was previously […]

21Jan2016 | Continued

Recent tragedies teach us that depression and suicide go hand-in-hand

Depression is an equal opportunity destroyer. It doesn’t care if you are rich, poor; male or female; black, white or purple. Any one can become clinically depressed. If you haven’t — great for you! But hopefully you are not one of those ignorant of the fact that it is REAL. Hopefully, you are not one […]

1Oct2015 | Continued

Clarification needed on first response program

COMMENTARY By PHIL GOVER President Fairfield Glade Board of Directors The headline and first paragraph of the June 4, 2015 Glade Sun newspaper article was incorrect and does not include all of the facts. The First Responder program is a new program to Fairfield Glade in 2015.  We have never had medical liability insurance for […]

11Jun2015 | Continued

When medical issues arise, know what to do

By THOMAS M. COVINO Part III in a Series Special to The Vista The title of this Special Town Hall Meeting is Preparedness which means there are many conditions we want to address.  It will take place on Wednesday March 18th at 9 AM. at the Fairfield Glade Community and Conference Center, 128 Stonehenge Drive. […]

11Mar2015 | Continued

How to keep seniors out of hospitals? Some tips

For The Vista Most families would agree that keeping a senior out of the hospital is an important goal. That’s because professionals who work with older adults know that some seniors who are hospitalized don’t always go home the same. Or, they don’t go home at all. And yet, research reveals that many of these […]

29Jan2015 | Continued

‘Tis the SEASON that creates MORE STRESS!

As we move toward the holiday season it always amazes me how most of us look at it from a stressful perspective, and I can understand why.  Usually, are cost go up due to gatherings, gifts, food and travel.  Also the time constraints become apparent for many because the holidays bring more commitments for work, […]

10Dec2014 | Continued

Raising Alzheimer’s Awareness in November

Part 3 of 4 By CYD RIEDE For The Vista November is National Alzheimer’s Awareness Month as designated by President Ronald Reagan in 1983. November is also Family Caregivers Month. This is the third in a series of articles that will explore various aspects of Dementia/Alzhiemer’s including definition, diagnosis, caregiving and local support. Caregiving Caregiving […]

18Nov2014 | Continued

Raising Alzheimer’s Awareness

Part 2 of 4 By CYD RIEDE For The Vista November is National Alzheimer’s Awareness Month as designated by President Ronald Reagan in 1983. November is also Family Caregivers Month. This is the second in a series of articles that will explore various aspects of Dementia/Alzhiemer’s including definition, diagnosis, caregiving and local support. Definition of […]

13Nov2014 | Continued
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Glade hikers trek to Prentice Cooper

By ANNE DODGE & MARY KOPMEIER For The Vista On Friday, September 26, the FFG Hiking Group will hike in Prentice Cooper State Forest on Edwards Point Overlook Trail which is a segment of the Cumberland Trail near Chattanooga. On this hike, there are rock houses, natural arches, suspension bridges and picturesque overlooks of the […]

24Sep2014 | Continued

Glade Resident on the run for good health mit painting

Special to The Vista No one can get away with telling Naiad Kuhlman of Fairfield Glade that age is a barrier to exercise. The avid runner, personal trainer and instructor at Cumberland Medical Center’s Wellness Complex at Fairfield Glade won’t buy the excuse. That’s because she is a walking – and running – example of […]

30Jul2014 | Continued
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Bald IS Beautiful!

FGCC announces Shave Your Head for the Cause fundraiser campaign For The Vista The Fairfield Glade Community Club (FGCC) announces the “Shave Your Head for the Cause” fundraising campaign to support Relay for Life. The fundraising began with an offer by Sam McAdoo, ACC Inspector, to shave his head on April 2 to support a […]

15Apr2014 | Continued

No bones about it

Bass a big hit with SMHS students — brings investigative forensic science close to home  By ARLENE ALBERT For The Vista NCIS? CSI? Bones? All fictional! Here in East TN, we have a real investigative forensic expert – Dr. Bill Bass. Over 200 N&N members and guests, including a Forensic Science honors class from Stone […]

8Apr2014 | Continued
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Low-cost clinic needs the help of Glade residents

By KEN STEADMAN For The Vista Let me ask for a show of hands. How many have ever heard of the Rural Health Clinic of the Cumberland’s? It’s located at 9400 Sparta Highway, Crossville, TN 38572, just a short distance from the entrance to the City of Pleasant Hill. It is the one and only […]

26Mar2014 | Continued

Cumberland Medical Center Medical Arts Building now open

For The Vista It’s finally here. A ribbon cutting ceremony and open house was held at the long-awaited Cumberland Medical Center Medical Arts Building in Fairfield Glade recently, signiifying the time is near when the complex will be open for business and seeing patients. The Medical Arts Building will be a welcome addition to the […]

21Jan2014 | Continued

CRMC’s clinic in Fairfield Glade to cease primary care services

For The Vista Cookeville Regional Medical Center announces that primary care services will no longer be offered through the Fairfield Glade Clinic in the Fairfield Towne Center after Friday, November 15, 2013. The clinic has offered primary care services as well as provided office space for specialty physicians. “We did not make the decision to […]

12Nov2013 | Continued
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Fairfield Glade Rotary Club Joins the Fight to End Polio Worldwide

By BLAKE BOYLE For The Vista World Polio Day is this Thursday, October 24. And that is why the Fairfield Glade Rotary wants you to join them at 5 P.M. that day at the Plateau Creative Arts Center for an important meeting. That is when Rotarian Deanna Magdich and her husband, Phil, will give a […]

21Oct2013 | Continued

Glade resident oldest runner at Wellness event

65 Runners in Wellness Express 5K Average Under 12-Minute Miles For The Vista A new course for the Cumberland Medical Center Wellness Express Fitness 5k run and walk did not slow down the more than 80 participants — including Fairfield Glade’s Hazel Bardash — who was the oldest runner in the event. Bardash, a personal trainer […]

8Oct2013 | Continued