Want to know how to junk that junk mail?

By DOROTHY DALE For The Vista Did you get what seemed like hundreds of advertising letters, brochures and catalogs (aka “junk mail”) over the holidays?  I did. My mail box was daily jammed with unwanted mail which quickly overloaded the “circular file”. I finally decided to try to do something about it—and you can, too.  […]

12Feb2015 | Continued

30 years!?!

Where has the time gone, my sweet (first) wife In all my married life, I do not believe I have ever forgotten my anniversary. In fact, I am sure of it. However, I believe there was a time or two that I either forgot to get my wife a card or was late in doing so. […]

2Dec2014 | Continued
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How about that? Three years and counting

  As I was working on The Vista this past week, it struck me — “Hey, Happy Anniversary to me!” Yes, it has been three years now that I have had the reins of The Vista as its Publisher/Editor. As the old saying goes, “Time flies when you’re having fun.” Oh, it’s not always fun, […]

5Nov2014 | Continued

Some things are better left alone

A few weeks ago, I wrote a column about advancing technology, especially the gadgets we use daily — like cell phones, etc. Well, consider this Part B. Some things that we use have seemingly been around forever. For instance, drinking fountains are not a new concept. We all remember coming in from recess when we […]

8Oct2014 | Continued

So “futbol” got this “football” fan’s attention

Like most males and many females living America I’m a football fan and always will be. I did not grow up near a major college so my focus has always been on the NFL. Somehow, I recently got settled in front of a TV with a World Cup game on. Not sure how that happened […]

11Jul2014 | Continued

Peavine Debate is road that never ends

It is my own fault. This off and on again debate about Peavine Road, its numerous signs, its expansion, its potential as a “Scenic Highway” — all my fault. After all, there have been several articles and opinion pieces on the subject(s) in The Vista. But, though debate is healthy, I am getting a little […]

18Jun2014 | Continued
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Bad to worse

Old and new signage growing like mold along once-beautiful Peavine Commentary By “The Sage of the South” Peavine Road, Exit 322 and Fairfield Glade are becoming more famous by the year.  Problem is, this fame is from either disgust or from hilarity depending on your point of view.  You see, the 6 miles of Peavine […]

20May2014 | Continued

Don’t be crabby, Winston ‘situation’ good for comic relief

We don’t want to downplay shoplifting and petty theft. Both cost businesses and consumers millions of dollars each year. But when Florida State University’s Heisman Trophy-winning quarterback Jameis Winston left a Tallahassee, FL-area Publix grocery store last week without paying for $32 worth of crab legs, it left the door wide open for some humor. […]

7May2014 | Continued

Time to protect our good life is now!

By JIM ARBER Commentary Special To The Vista Part I of II Once upon a time, a long, long time ago a shallow sea existed next to an ancient continent we named  Appalachia.  Long gone now, huge megaladons and basilosorous maybe dined on poor little ones.  Clams dug in, mussels and oysters hung out, crabs […]

7May2014 | Continued

Letters to the editor

Dear Editor: Some of the candidates that are asking us to vote for them should be able to do something positive about: 1) ROAD CONDITIONS – I know it was a rough winter, but many of the roads in the area have huge holes that nothing seems to be done on – getting little or […]

24Apr2014 | Continued

No doubt, I’m getting too old for this

My wife, Tracy, and I have had the “pleasure” of moving nine different times in our married life. When we were newlyweds, it was almost an exciting and fun thing to do as we moved into our first house, or even our second or third abode. But now its about as much fun as losing […]

15Apr2014 | Continued

Mistakes are made

Well, it was bound to happen sometime. I made a mistake. I know, I know. Stop the presses, right? It’s not like I haven’t made one before … 2004 was a terrible year. Made two of them. But this one was — what they call in the news biz — a doozy. Actually, they don’t […]

13Mar2014 | Continued

Oh, don’t you just love the winter?! Uh, maybe not!

Oh how I love winter! The fluffy snowflakes that fell recently here in Fairfield Glade made me feel like a kid again. People probably looked at me as if I had been hit with a huge snowball in the temple as I skipped about outside The Vista offices. I looked like Mary Tyler Moore without […]

27Feb2014 | Continued
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Why We Live Here

Beautiful sunset, eh? Not so fast friend — this is actually a gorgeous sunrise snapped recently near Dorchester Golf Course by Glade resident Nona Jensen. You have to keep up pretty early in the morning to witness this reason of Why We Live Here — but it’s worth it.

12Feb2014 | Continued

NOT why we live here — but still beautiful

There have not been a series of winter days much harsher in recent memory than the ones Fairfield Glade residents suffered through last week. Temperatures reached as low as —8 degrees on Jan. 7, resulting in roads, auto engines and‚ yes, even lakes — freezing up. Above is a photo of Lake Catherine on the […]

15Jan2014 | Continued

Letters to the Editor

Dear Editor: I read with interest the letter in today’s Vista from Mr. Horstman.  The letter sounded as though it had come from me. If is obvious that I constantly irritate Glade residents by attempting to drive the speed limit.  I do not like driving 30 mph, but it is the law.  Also, STOP signs […]

28Nov2013 | Continued

More thought on Glade Incorporation

Dear Editor: I applaud Mr. Daumiller’s letter last week insisting on the answer to one simple question of Community Club (dues) vs. new city taxes, the dissolution and/or combination, etc.  I suspect the answer would be a paraphrase of Nancy Pelosi’s “read it to know what’s in it” — i.e. “do now, and look at […]

12Nov2013 | Continued

The NCAA needs some classes in parenting skills to discipline consistently

As our kids grew up, my wife and I tried to be consistent in the disciplining of our children. Not only did we try to make the “punishment” commensurate with the “crime” but we also tried to be fair between the two of them. If our son errored in some way when he was 10 […]

4Nov2013 | Continued

Incorporation — What now?

  Dear Editor: On September 11, I submitted a letter to the editor in an effort to hopefully keep emotion out of the incorporation issue.  Specifically I said in part. “No matter how members think they feel on the issue (pro or con), I urge everyone to keep an open mind, attend the town hall […]

4Nov2013 | Continued

Butting heads

Contentiousness and confusion mar incorporation discussion  at latest Glade Board Meeting   By BILL PIECUCH For The Vista As the monthly Fairfield Glade Community Club meeting at the Multi-Purpose Building began to wind down early Thursday, October 24, comments from the floor were solicited. If the first 38 minutes portrayed the bliss of peaceful behavior, […]

28Oct2013 | Continued