Tips provided to prevent home improvement fraud

By MIKE WILLIAMS Glade Police Chief For The Vista During the warmer weather that will be approaching home improvement will be on a lot of residents’ minds. Here are 10 tips that will help you prevent being a victim of contractor fraud. 1: Scare tactics -If a contractor tries to literally “scare up” your business, […]

23Mar2017 | Continued

Warning: Beware of Bears

By MIKE WILLIAMS Glade Police Chief For The Vista According to the Tennessee Wildlife Resource Agency, Bears are expanding their range on the Cumberland Plateau. The following information is provided courtesy of the TWRA. Bears are omnivores, which mean that they will take advantage of multiple food sources. This tendency is the root of most […]

17Mar2017 | Continued

Safety strategies crucial as daylight hours decrease

By MIKE WILLIAMS Glade Public Safety Chief For The Vista This time of year the amount of daylight is shorter than the summer months. If your schedule leaves you walking at dawn, dusk, or after dark, you should learn to do so safely. Whether you find yourself walking in the dark due to the short […]

3Nov2016 | Continued
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Fairfield Glade Fire Department campaign to raise funds for Mini-Pumper Attack Truck

By CYD RIEDE For The Vista The Fairfield Glade Fire Department (FGFD) is launching a community-wide campaign to raise funds to acquire a mini-pumper/attack truck. The goal is to raise $75,000.  All efforts will be directed at finding a working, used apparatus that the Department can retain and utilize on a permanent basis. One of […]

24Jun2016 | Continued
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Beaty brings a wealth of experience to Glade Public Safety

Y CYD RIEDE For The Vista David Edwin Beaty is the newest member of the Fairfield Glade Public Safety Team — and he should be a familiar face to most. Beaty served for 30 years for the City of Crossville Police Department — including 20 years as the Chief of Police —  until retiring in […]

6May2016 | Continued

Williams says take advantage of trails, but learn how to be safe when hiking

By MIKE WILLIAMS Glade Safety Chief For The Vista As the weather warms up more and more people are taking advantage of our beautiful hiking trails within Fairfield Glade as well as Cumberland County and our Parks. We won’t sugarcoat this. Hiking can be dangerous. Sprained ankles, bad cuts and bruises, serious falls, broken limbs […]

6May2016 | Continued
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Henshaw valuable member of Glade Safety Dept.

By CYD RIEDE For The Vista Elizabeth Diaz Henshaw is one of two women on the Fairfield Glade Public Safety Team. She was born in Philadelphia and is one of 8 children …5 girls and 3 boys. As a young girl, Liz moved to Puerto Rico and then back to Philly, where she graduated from […]

28Apr2016 | Continued
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Davenport a valued member of Safety Dept.

By CYD RIEDE  For The Vista Glen Martin Davenport (or Marty as he is known) comes from a long established family in Cumberland County, TN going back to the 1800’s. He is the older of 2 boys, having a younger brother, Matthew.   His father has a Doctorate in Theology and is a pastor at […]

14Apr2016 | Continued

Glade safety summary

For The Vista The safety of Fairfield Glade (FG) residents and guests depends on three professional groups located at the Public Safety and Fire Department building on Peavine Rd. (FGPS, CCEMS and FGFD) and one volunteer group of residents (FGNWC). The following is a summary of how they work together for public safety. FAIRFIELD GLADE […]

5Apr2016 | Continued
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Giving of herself comes natural for officer Self of Glade Public Safety

By CYD RIEDE For The Vista Katelyn Rae Bell Self is one of two women on the FGPS force. Kate was born in Fredericksburg, Virginia which lies in prime Civil War “country”, between Washington DC and Richmond, VA. She is a middle child, having an older sister and younger brother. As a young girl, she […]

5Apr2016 | Continued
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Woody a fixture in Glade for 25 years

By CYD RIEDE For The Vista Have you ever wondered who is the person watching your personal residence and property while you are away from Fairfield Glade? That individual is Sgt. Leon Woody. Leon Paul Woody (or Woody as he is known to most) is a native son; born and raised in Crossville, TN. He […]

18Mar2016 | Continued
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Glade Safety Sergeant Tapp brings energy, experience to so-called “graveyard shift”

By CYD RIEDE For The Vista Baron Wayne Tapp is a sergeant who works the grave shift (11pm-7am) for FG Public Safety. He is a Roane County native that was born, raised and lives in Harriman, TN.   He graduated from Harriman High School and enjoyed playing football, basketball and baseball.   He is the […]

11Mar2016 | Continued
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Winningham serving his hometown

By CYD REIDE For The Vista Jason Lynn Winningham is another hometown boy.   He was born and raised  in Crossville, TN. He is the oldest of 4 children, having a brother and 2 sisters.  As a youngster he wanted to become a state trooper or a doctor and did study nursing for a while. […]

4Mar2016 | Continued
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Schubert fulfilling dream to “be a cop”

By CYD RIEDE For The Vista (Editor’s Note: This is the third in a series of short biographies on the Fairfield Glade Pubic Safety Officers and Staff) Ronnie Dale Schubert is truly a hometown boy.   He was born right here in Crossville, TN, graduating from Cumberland County High School. He enjoyed working with metals […]

26Feb2016 | Continued

Laxton giving his all for Fairfield Glade Safety Department

For The Vista (Editor’s Note: This is the second in a series of short biographies on the FG Pubic Safety Officers and Staff. Charles David Laxton was born in Rockwood TN.  He has spent nearly all of his life in Roane County, TN, graduating from Harriman HS.   He has an Associate’s Degree in Police […]

18Feb2016 | Continued

Be on the watch for recent scams

By MIKE WILLIAMS Fairfield Glade Public Safety Chief For The Vista Residents are receiving calls from someone saying that they are the I.R.S. and that you owe a penalty for not paying your taxes in a timely manner. Anytime you receive a phone call from someone like this, it is false. The I.R.S. does not […]

5Nov2015 | Continued

Recent tragedies teach us that depression and suicide go hand-in-hand

Depression is an equal opportunity destroyer. It doesn’t care if you are rich, poor; male or female; black, white or purple. Any one can become clinically depressed. If you haven’t — great for you! But hopefully you are not one of those ignorant of the fact that it is REAL. Hopefully, you are not one […]

1Oct2015 | Continued

New Silver Alert program initiated by partnership

For The Vista Fairfield Glade Director of Safety Michael Williams and the Fairfield Glade Resident Services have partnered to creat the Fairfield Glade Silver Alert Program Silver Alert will be the response for What to Do when a senior goes missing. In a retirement community like ours, caring for & keeping a cognitively impaired person […]

9Sep2015 | Continued

Rash of county car burglaries a cause for concern in Fairfield Glade

By MICHAEL WILLIAMS GLADE DIRECTOR OF SAFETY For The Vista There have been multiple car burglaries in the last week in Cumberland County. Each weekend they appear to target different areas of the County and the common factor in all of these thefts is the owner of the car left their car unlocked. This type […]

27Aug2015 | Continued

The Bear Facts

Like it or not, bears are our neighbors — so take steps to keep them away By MICHAEL WILLIAMS Glade Director of Safety For The Vista Every year the Tennessee Wildlife Resources Agency (TWRA) receives hundreds of calls and complaints concerning black bears. Most of the complaints are of bears raiding garbage containers, bird feeders, and pet food […]

28Jul2015 | Continued