Be on the watch for recent scams

By MIKE WILLIAMS Fairfield Glade Public Safety Chief For The Vista Residents are receiving calls from someone saying that they are the I.R.S. and that you owe a penalty for not paying your taxes in a timely manner. Anytime you receive a phone call from someone like this, it is false. The I.R.S. does not […]

5Nov2015 | Continued

Recent tragedies teach us that depression and suicide go hand-in-hand

Depression is an equal opportunity destroyer. It doesn’t care if you are rich, poor; male or female; black, white or purple. Any one can become clinically depressed. If you haven’t — great for you! But hopefully you are not one of those ignorant of the fact that it is REAL. Hopefully, you are not one […]

1Oct2015 | Continued

New Silver Alert program initiated by partnership

For The Vista Fairfield Glade Director of Safety Michael Williams and the Fairfield Glade Resident Services have partnered to creat the Fairfield Glade Silver Alert Program Silver Alert will be the response for What to Do when a senior goes missing. In a retirement community like ours, caring for & keeping a cognitively impaired person […]

9Sep2015 | Continued

Rash of county car burglaries a cause for concern in Fairfield Glade

By MICHAEL WILLIAMS GLADE DIRECTOR OF SAFETY For The Vista There have been multiple car burglaries in the last week in Cumberland County. Each weekend they appear to target different areas of the County and the common factor in all of these thefts is the owner of the car left their car unlocked. This type […]

27Aug2015 | Continued

The Bear Facts

Like it or not, bears are our neighbors — so take steps to keep them away By MICHAEL WILLIAMS Glade Director of Safety For The Vista Every year the Tennessee Wildlife Resources Agency (TWRA) receives hundreds of calls and complaints concerning black bears. Most of the complaints are of bears raiding garbage containers, bird feeders, and pet food […]

28Jul2015 | Continued

New FFG hirings: Williams is new Public Safety Chief

For The Vista General Manager, Bob Weber, and the Board of Directors of Fairfield Glade Community Club (FGCC) are pleased to announce that Michael Williams will join FGCC as the new Chief of Public Safety on June 29, 2015. Williams has served in law enforcement the past 13 years with the Tennessee Highway Patrol.  He […]

25Jun2015 | Continued

Fire and weather safety

By MATT DILLMAN Glade Fire Chief For The Vista There is a need to be prepared for severe weather. Here are some items recommended as a significant tool in your multi-modal preparedness kit & your thinking: The battery powered radio with antenna for your home. Pre-set your car radio to receive local weather alerts. For […]

1Apr2015 | Continued

Are you ready?

Fight fire with fire: Know what to do before it happens By THOMAS M. COVINO Part I in a Series Special to The Vista There will be a Special Town Hall Meeting of the Neighborhood Watch Coalition entitled  “Preparedness” on Wednesday, March 18. The meeting — which will be held at the Fairfield Glade Conference […]

12Feb2015 | Continued

Prescription Drug Drop-Off Box at Sheriff’s Office

By RANDY HOOVER Glade Safety Chief For The Vista The Cumberland County Sheriff’s Office, Fairfield Glade Public Safety Department, and the Tennessee Department of Environment /Conservation (TDEC) are working collaboratively to protect our citizens as well as our environment. A Prescription Drug Drop-Off Box has been permanently located at the Sheriff’s Office for the convenience […]

16Jan2015 | Continued

Portable Heater Safety is Crucial During Winter’s Coldest Months

By MATTHEW DILLMAN Fairfield Glade Fire Chief For The Vista The arrival of single-digit weather in Tennessee this week is prompting the State Fire Marshal’s Office to remind residents to stay safe when using portable heaters in their homes. “We cannot stress enough the importance of following safety precautions when using portable space heating devices […]

16Jan2015 | Continued

Watch out for latest crime threat

By Thomas Covino Watch Your Back! Neighbors, if you live next door to a residence that’s up for sale, keep an eye out for people in the back yard of that house. There is apparently a man and woman acting as if they’re interested in purchasing the house, go to the back door and knock […]

26Nov2014 | Continued

Take steps to avoid being a victim of crime gets unveiled

Special to The Vista Mark this date on your calendar: Thursday, November 13th. This is when the Neighborhood Watch Coalition will be hosting a “Town Hall” type meeting, where the attendees get to ask what to, when to, and how to “Prevent Crime” in their home, office and neighborhood. Now’s the time to get the […]

30Oct2014 | Continued

Safety This Week

The Following incidents have been documented by the Fairfield Glade Department of Public Safety for the week: Oct 5 – Oct 11, 2014   10/05   Domestic (Arrest)  Jasper Drive   10/09   Theft (Medication from Home)  Lakeside Drive   10/09   Theft (Two Fed-EX Packages from Porch)  Lakeview Drive   10/10   Theft (Door from Porch)  Greenwood Road   10/10   […]

22Oct2014 | Continued


Will you be the next victim? By THOMAS COVINO For The Vista Recent articles in our newspapers tell a story of various crime statistics in Crossville. Are you one of the victims here in Fairfield Glade and if so why? Come to the next general meeting of our residents and listen to those who are […]

16Oct2014 | Continued

Crime Prevention: What Everyone Should Know

By THOMAS COVINO For The Vista Keeping yourself and your family safe is on everyone’s mind these days and the more you know who the people are that can help you, the better off you’ll be. On Thursday November 13th, from 9 A.M. to noon, the Fairfield Glade Neighborhood Watch Coalition will host a forum […]

3Oct2014 | Continued

Fairfield Glade Fire Departments gets an upgraded classification rate of 3

By HOWARD ROBB Glade Fire Chief For The Vista The Fairfield Glade Volunteer Fire Department has just received its new Classification and I am pleased to announce we went from a Classification 4 to a new Classification of 3. There are only 48 Fire Departments in Tennessee that have a 3 Classification and they are […]

4Sep2014 | Continued

Residents can help keep each other safe

By THOMAS COVINO For The Vista Take time out to check, now that’s an interesting opening. What is it that I’m supposed to check? Well, how about your friend who lives down the block or neighbor next door? Have they gone away for a vacation? There hasn’t been any noise coming from there. Have you […]

13Aug2014 | Continued

Protect your home from a wild land fire

By HOWARD ROBB Glade Fire Chief For The Vista Every year many families unnecessarily lose their homes and possessions to wild land fire. These losses can be minimized if homeowners take the time to become aware of safety measures to help protect their homes and complete some effective actions. Use Fire Resistant Building Material “The […]

7Aug2014 | Continued

Bear sightings abound in Glade — tips on what you should do

By RANDY HOOVER Glade Safety Chief For The Vista This week we have had several bear sightings in Fairfield Glade. We live in bear country and it is our duty and responsibility to educate ourselves about bears for our safety and the bears. The Tennessee Wildlife Resources Agency is working with Fairfield Glade Public Safety […]

25Jul2014 | Continued

Summer is the time to consider water safety

By DR. SULLIVAN SMITH Special to The Vista As temperatures continue to stay high this summer, more people head to beaches, pools, lakes and out on boats. Cookeville Regional Medical Center’s emergency physicians want everyone to get all the facts regarding unintentional drowning before you end up in the emergency department, or worse. Every day […]

15Jul2014 | Continued