Glade Golf News

Hole in One!

Marianne Langeland of 106 Lakeshire Drive in Fairfield Glade, recorded a Hole-In-One on Sept. 8 at Stonehenge Golf Club.

Langeland aced the par 3, 145-yard, 14th hole. The shot was witnessed by Carole Staples and Cheryl Aller.

Lost Ball Association

The group played at Stonehenge this week and, as usual there, played a scramble. First place at three under par (33) went to Ted Telle, Ed Johnson, Steve Wenzlaff and Joe Tuttle.

Close behind at two under were John Kindschi, Chuck Dunivan, Denny Stanton and Curt Richardson. Third place, with a very respectable one under were Bud Leathers, Earl Boatwright, Dennis Mayer and Danny Clymer.

This casual group plays at all five Fairfield Glade courses, in rotation, and plays a variety of formats, including Scramble, Shambles, Best Balls, Individual Balls and whatever the imagination of the coordinators happens to dream up that week.

If you are interested in joining, please email John Kindschi at

September 9 was just another day of golf with the Chicks with Sticks at Druid Hills. NOT!!!!! The golf gods were playing tricks on all of us. The game was our usual modified Stableford from the hybrid tees.

The only difference at Druid between the Ladies’ Red tees and the hybrid tees is that holes 2, 5, 14, and 18 are played from the green tees. When recording the scores in the GHIN system the slope and rating for the course are modified to account for the length difference.

The day started out pretty normal, beautiful, warm and breezy. But by the fifth hole, some of us knew that we were in for a very different day. Michelle Simcox had two pars and a birdie on her first three holes, two points for the pars and 4 points for the birdie, for a total of 8 points. She had just accomplished the impossible, making all of her points in three holes!

The fourth hole was sort of uneventful. Hole #5 had surprises for at least the first three groups. A little red fox had decided to be a welcoming-committee-of-one at the green.

As our threesome approached the little fellow was languishing by the pin, scratching his belly. My ball was the first on the green, and the little fox trotted over to grab a souvenir. My whoops and hollers steered him away. Then Pam McCarthy’s approach shot landed on the green.

This time Foxy grabbed the ball and took off with it. We created so much commotion that he dropped the ball and skittered off. After some discussion as to whether Pam should have a penalty for losing her ball to a fox, we noticed that Foxy Loxy was still hanging out with us. As a matter of fact, two more groups after ours had company while they putted out.

Back to Michelle and the rest of her front nine…. She ended up with a gross 36, one birdie, one bogey and seven pars. Wowser!

Plenty of other goofy things happened through the rest of the competition but there is just not enough time to go into everything. The result of the team play is enough to sum it all up. The first two groups that reached the club house were pretty proud of their +19 team scores. Then the third team arrived and threw everyone into a tizzy because Michelle Simcox had +22 by herself and her teammates, Nancy Harper, Sophie Nahod and Nancy Martin, contributed another +14 points for a total team score of +36. Needless to say +36 was the winning score.

Congratulations ladies for a fantastic round! Michelle is surely going to frame that score card to preserve the memory of her 82 at Druid Hills.

All the members of the second place team, Karen Toomey, Kathleen Purdie, Judy Rich and Joani Boggan, were very happy with a score of +20. The two teams that finished with a +19 ended up tied for third. The first team with +19 was Connie Fusco, Melinda Henneberg, and Elaine Pipino. Fay Lukoskie, Julie Moore and Pam McCarthy also had to be satisfied with a tie for third.

Last but not least we have the Individual accomplishments. Beth Jones had the longest put on hole #10. Judy Rich had three birdies. Michelle Simcox and Fay Lukoskie each had two birdies.

Elaine Pipino, Julie Moore, Nancy Harper, Barb Alexander, Mary Runfeldt, and Joani Boggan each had one birdie. Chip-ins were scored by Fay Lukoskie and Joani Boggan. Good playing, ladies!!!

What a group! What a day!