Food for Thought – April 15, 2014

No recipes for today because I think it’s more important to note the 90th birthday of one of our friends and neighbors in Fairfield, William Fuchs. His children gave him a surprise birthday party in Washington, DC on Sunday, April 6th. It was also the date of his and his wife’s 64th wedding anniversary.

The party was held at his son, Bill’s, deli, called Wagshal’s at 2801 New Mexico Ave. Bill, Sylvia and Ralph gave an excellent party. the food and service was great. Bill Sr. cried when he saw the children, grandchildren, great-grandchildren and friends all there for the celebration.

A slide presentation was shown of the special events in his life. There was also a handout with a picture (on front cover) of Bill at age 26 when he was married.

The handout contained special happenings of 1924. Of special interest to me was the cost of food. Bacon was 47 cents a pound; bread was 10 cents per loaf; butter, 55 cents per pound. Coffee was 50 cents per pound; milk, 28 cents per half gallon. Oranges were 57 cents for 12; potatoes, 36 cents for 10 pounds. Beef steak – can you imagine! – was 36 cents per pound and sugar was 35 cents for 5 pounds.

My husband and I were very happy to be invited. Again, I’ll say Happy 90th, Bill.


Until next time,