Food for Thought – January 12, 2015


For The Vista

Happy New Year! I’m writing this as I’m getting ready to depart from Pensacola Beach, Florida, where I took a much-needed respite after the holidays.

The weather was chilly, but the food and entertainment options were great!

After cooking almost non-stop since Thanksgiving, I was ready to use those leftovers!

And here is a recipe that’s great for those last pieces of turkey and ham that you just have to use up.

Ham & Turkey Stromboli

1 loaf frozen bread

1⁄2 lb thinly sliced ham

1⁄2 lb thinly sliced turkey

6 green onions, sliced

8 bacon strips, cooked & crumbled

1 1⁄2 c (6 oz) shredded Swiss cheese

Thaw dough, then unroll it on a floured surface. Place ham & turkey over dough to within 1/2” of edges; sprinkle evenly with onions, bacon & cheese. Fold one third of dough toward center from long edge of rectangle.

Fold second side toward center enclosing filling. Pinch long edge to seal.

Pinch short ends together & tuck under dough.

Place on prepared (buttered) baking sheet. Cover: let rise in warm place 15 minutes.

Cut shallow crosswise slits 3” apart on top of dough. Brush stromboli lightly with beaten egg Bake at 350° 26-30 minutes or until browned. Remove to rack; cool slightly. Serve warm.

Tip of the week: If you are confused by “let rise in warm place”, here’s what I do:

. Preheat your oven to 200°; place your dough inside; turn oven off, and leave the dough inside for 15 minutes. It rises beautifully!