Letters to the Editors

Signs, Signs, Signs

Dear Editor:

It seems that the sign issue is on FFG residents’ most discussed list whether we like it or not. Some people say they were here when you moved here, so get over it.

But more recently it has become more of a detraction because more signs are going up.

We see that a petition was sent to our local representative to request a scenic parkway designation, which would put this under state jurisdiction, which would clean up most of the old and temporary signs, but many would still remain.

I would like to put on the plate another resolution that might resolve the sign problem in a much quicker, business-friendly, and best of all, would not rely on local government. As you know, whenever government inserts itself into anything nowadays it seems they, more often than not, screw it up anyhow.

1. Notify anyone with a sign that they have 120 days to conform to our request by Fairfield Glade residents that they meet our suggested sign “guidelines”. We will supply to them a short list of suggested guidelines to one of them.

2. A group of concerned residents, such as Ms. Tipton and  Ms. Davis, who have done so much work in an attempt to clean up the road, address the sign problem and form this committee. What they would do is simply come up with recommended sign designs, which would outline what would be acceptable to the group. Example: The road is approximately 4 miles from I-40 and each organization that is posting a sign would only be allowed 2 signs in this corridor. Also listed would be 3 sign sizes along with standards of construction that would be acceptable. Any sign that is located on a movable structure would be considered temporary and would not be allowed, except on a 30-day basis. Of course, a few more elements would be included but this would get the problem resolved in a manner that would clean up the signs built by Adams Family sign company and also still allow the business owners that rely on FFG to continue to advertise.

3. Once the FFG group notifies them of our request to upgrade their signs to the ones that meet guidelines that the FFG approval process would designate, then a letter will be issued to each of them to approve their sign.

4. If they fail to do this upon our request, then each week their company name possibly could be published in The Vista, stating that they are refusing to take our committee advice and upgrade their signage. And as a result of them refusing our recommendation, we residents cannot recommend any of our residents to use their services.

Most of these businesses advertise on Peavine Road for one reason – TO GET OUR BUSINESS.

If we tell them that if they don’t conform to our simple request and they do not respect us enough to do so, then we the residents will simply give our business to people who do. I believe that once they saw we meant it and their phones stop ringing it would be done quicker than you think.


Jay McCarthy

Fairfield Glade resident


Music at Fairfield Glade/Mirror Lake

Dear Editor:

We all need to say a special thank you to Dave Kirk and the FFG Staff for Sponsoring and promoting the Monday Night Mirror Lake Blast. We attend “The Blast” regularly and enjoy the music, food and social time with our neighbors. THANKS TO ALL for this great weekly event.

Unfortunately, I am not as complementary about July 4th “Special Blast”, with Travis Rice. We were so disappointed with his performance that our group left after the first set. So, in fairness all my comments are based on the first set music and his comments therein.

It was obvious that Travis was promoting his CD and the songs he had written.  In my opinion Travis does not understand or appreciate the demographics of the audience with his repeated “let’s get drunk and party” comments. I personally found his repeating this mantra offensive.  July 4th is our country’s birthday, a time to celebrate and honor our Country, our veterans who have served, active military members and those who have given all for the freedom we enjoy today.

Admittedly, Travis did sing one patriotic song he wrote but, I did not understand the words. It would have been great if Travis would have encouraged audience participation in singing of the National Anthem, and sang some patriotic songs like:  America the Beautiful, God Bless America or even Lee Greenwald’s God Bless the USA. I appreciate that some the “Special Blast” music was for the younger “Time Share” crowd, but not all the songs need to cater the this group. Entitlement and apathy in our great country is of concern and it is time we as Senior Citizens not remain silent. FFG needs to  openly adopt the Dolly Land/Branson Mo. entertainment model: honoring our military and not being ashamed of our religious faith at all venues.

In the future I suggest that the performing musicians provide a list, in advance, of the music they intend to perform at the “Blast” and other special events. And, this list reviewed, by the promoter, for age and event appropriateness prior to the event.

The “Blast” and fireworks a great Community summer event.  Again, thank you Dave Kirk and FFG for making these event possible.


John E. Byers

Fairfield Glade resident