Letters to the Editor

Dear Editor:

My wife and I retired to this great community in 2002.

Beginning in 2004, I have enjoyed the pleasure of working tirelessly with phenomenal community leaders and other very caring residents researching and presenting solid ideas to our various boards and general managers.

Members, including myself, who asked questions, or made suggestions at Board meetings were embarrassed, demeaned, shouted down libeled, and even slandered by board members. I have seen boards and general managers reject, for no credible reason, member ideas that would have added thousands of dollars to our bottom line. Because of total frustration, so many well meaning members rightfully gave up and dropped out.

What a loss to this community that has been. It always seemed that if the idea did not come from a board member or a general manager, the idea lacked merit and should go away.

With that depressing opening, it’s time to take stock of where we are now which is far more troubling    than the above. Some things are the same—some are quite different.

On plus side, member involvement has grown significantly as concerns increase about the confusing and often conflicting directions being taken by this General Manager and this Board. Letters to the Editor, once infrequent, are now frequent and very pointed in both content and opinion.

Most are well researched and skillfully presented. Like before, Ideas are presented that receive no thoughtful response from either the Board or the General Manager. Most times there is no response at all.

Submittals and Comments on the Residents Voice website (ffgVoice.com) are growing in number and sincerely presented– often on both sides of an issue. To my knowledge, the Board has never responded constructively to any of this.

The General Manager has now decided to write a monthly column to set us straight and to present the self-righteous opinions and facts according to Bob Weber.

In almost 4 years of being urged to meet at least quarterly with residents, he continues with his steadfast refusal to do so. He will communicate only in environments he can control. This includes his new monthly newspaper column. (No dialogue with that one).

Much of what is done by the Board and its key committees is clouded in secrecy. Member anger and frustration over being ignored and having no voice is at a level never seen before and getting worse. The General Manager and the Board seem totally oblivious to what is happening all around them. They think they are doing just fine and are probably hopeful that all this disgruntled noise will soon go away.

Now to the big one—DECPTION.

As a “courtesy to Wyndham and the new Developer we did not share any information” (to members) said President Diller.

As of May 17, the Board knew about the pending land sale and the fact we were about to have a new Developer. Perhaps they did not have many details, but they knew enough. They denied knowing what they clearly knew. They denied knowing that there would be a new Developer and who it was when in fact they new otherwise. Thousands of members were deceived for a two week period as a “courtesy” to Wyndham.

One final thing. President Diller has now said “All future plans are at the discretion of the Board and the buyer (new developer”). Seems like we are being left out again. Calls for town hall type meetings to answer member questions have been ignored. After more than a month, there is still a hunger for clarity which is being ignored by the Board. Rather than fulfilling their fiduciary and communication obligation to members, the Board’s silence is deafening. Member confusion and speculation continues to grow. Trust is lacking. Not healthy.

What’s the answer? The need to change the mindset and culture of the Board and to hold the General Manager accountable is absolutely clear.

It has been proven that this can only be done from the inside through the ballot box. We need to elect two (2) uniquely qualified candidates to fill the present upcoming vacancies on the Board. This by far is the most important election we have ever had. Should the present incumbent decide to run, he has not earned any re-election consideration because of being part what has been going on. Enough is enough. The ballot is the only way. Please carefully review the backgrounds of the candidates and cast your vote wisely. Please vote. This is your chance to make a real difference.

Gerry Miller

Fairfield Glade


Dear Editor:

If I was visiting FG as a potential retirement destination and browsed through the Vista, I would question why anyone would want to live here.

The editorial sections are littered with mostly the same disgruntled and vocal residents who are trying to convince everyone else to join their misery club.

I feel blessed to live in such a beautiful and progressive community where you get so much for so little.  Let Mr. Weber, his staff, and the Board do their job…they are very good at it.

You don’t need to publicly criticize every decision and expenditure they make.  If you don’t like the board, go ahead and run for that thankless job.

They would probably be more than happy to take a break from the weekly public ridicule and criticism they receive from those who think they are the voice Fairfield Glade.

There is a reason national publications always recognize our beautiful and progressive community as one of the top retirement destinations in the country.

In my 10 years in Fairfield Glade, I have seen a lot of improvements and that would not have been possible without good planning and leadership.  I am sure some people will respond negatively to my positive post about Fairfield Glade, but many years ago, I chose to ignore negative energy.

Jack Williams

Fairfield Glade