Letters to the Editor

Dear Editor:

We too came to FFG because of its quality of living, safety and restrictions.  We had enough of “tacky” areas and neighbors that don’t care about their property, keep tons of junk or don’t care about anyone else.

We are so glad that FFG ACC has made the violators take responsibility for their actions!  The rules are made for everyone!

If you don’t want to follow them or have a nice community … then you don’t belong here! There are many areas with farms and pole barns!!

S. Mayotte 

Fairfield Glade


Dear Editor:

I found the Vista article by (Glade General Manager) Bob Weber (2/6/18) regarding FFGCC finances to be “misleading,”at best.

While stating the Club is “financially strong and sound, he “overlooks” the LOSS OF 2.7 MILLION DOLLARS in subsidies to amenities.

I can’t understand that kind of thinking. Why are the property owners expected to cover the excessive losses and costs of amenities?

Weber says “amenities” aren’t supposed to make money.  I say WHY NOT?  Why does the board refuse to look for the reasons for these losses, and just continue to make excuses?

The $2,141,748.00 (according to the budget statement posted in the Vista) in losses could have been better spent making sure the residents have necessary safety services, such as a full time ambulance service; adding to the safety dept. and/ or the fire dept. (so they wouldn’t have to “beg” – {holding multiple fund raisers every year}, making sure ALL the roads are in good repair, or making the much needed improvements to the kitchen at Legends, so it won’t continue to lose money  ($790,987.00 loss in 2017).

Perhaps adding the much needed full kitchen at CCC so it won’t continue to lose money every year. The loss for CCC alone in 2017 was $872,080.00.

At this rate, a loss of A MILLION DOLLARS in 2018 wouldn’t be surprising.  I am amazed and appalled that the people paying the bills are willing to put up with such ineptitude and fiscal IRRESPONSIBILITY.

Trish Budzik

Fairfield Glade