Letters to the Editors

Dear Editor:

At the risk of sounding deranged, wouldn’t it be great if a “Peavine Road Beautification” plan could be in place when/if the road widening project is completed!  Just think about it!!!

As an example, how about lining the road with Dogwood trees!  (Private property will join the 10’ right-of-way along the road.)

Each property owner along Peavine Road would be gifted with the free planting of a couple of Dogwood trees to be placed on their property alongside of the ROW.  (Funding would be provided by those listed below.)

The gift would be redeemed at Peavine’s resident nursery, Landscape Solutions, and the only requirement would be proof of property ownership.

Interstate 40 is lined with Dogwood and Redbud trees which are not evident until Spring; however, it is a spectacular sight going down the mountain to either Cookeville or Knoxville when these trees are in bloom.  So too could Peavine.

(The State permits a behemoth billboard every 100’ on private property along a state road…Is there anything more inappropriate than a towering billboard along a road named Peavine?!!!…The State certainly couldn’t object to the planting of ornamental trees on private property along the road.)

This would be a great visual testament to our “TN volunteer spirit”.

Funding would be provided primarily by Wyndham Resorts and Fairfield Glade Community Club which benefit most by drawing visitors and potential buyers.  Donations would also be welcome from banks, churches, realtors, Good Samaritans, and any other interested groups or individuals.

Involvement by organizations such as Friends of Peavine along with interested Peavine business owners would be important.

Thank you to our community leaders who will step forward and give some thought to a Peavine Beautification plan.   We are open to any ideas to make the road inviting.   Now is the time to put a plan in place!                          Sincerely,

Judy Davis, PAPA

Cc:  Messrs: Mark McClain – Resident Manager, Wyndham Resorts

Bob Weber – General Manager, FFG

Phil Gover – President, FFG Community Club

Scott Clymer – Owner, Landscape Solutions

Joe Sooter – Owner, Landscape Solutions

Ms. Cathy Tipton – Friends of Peavine