Letters to the Editors


Dear Editor:

Regarding The Vista article, “The Panel Tabled Action on a Scenic Parkway”. The response unfortunately was predictable. Thank you to those county representatives who were open to a resolution regarding the unsightly appearance of Peavine; however to the others, I’d like to respond.

Mr. Harvel’s comment, “They drove by those signs when they bought the place out there,” referring to Fairfield Glade residents.

Mr. Harvel, when we purchased our property in February of 1990, Peavine Road was a country road, even scenic in its own way, which offered and escape the the business of urban life.

The only noticeable sign was in front of Lefty’s Barbecue, right where it should be. Fifteen plus years ago, for some reason, the flood gates were opened and signs of all shapes and sizes began springing up everywhere, advertising everything from churches to garage doors and everything in between.

Only the real estate propaganda, “Peavine’s going to improve” and the attractiveness of Fairfield Glade has kept buyers coming. The misplaced signs to escalate! Shame on our naivete!

Mr. Clafin of the 8th district is correct,  “property owners have a right”. However, Mr. Clafin, we are neighbors to those on Peavine. Shame on property owners persisting in an activity that neighbors find so offensive.

Shame on advertisers who persist in exploiting the situation. Advertisers should be put on notice and boycotted until they remove their sign.

Shame on county officials, who benefit in many ways by those of us living in Fairfield Glade, for consistently resisting any resolution to the problem.

In the 21st century, real advertising is done on the internet (and media). It’s time to lose the signs and get with the program!

Let Peavine Road be a positive reflection of Cumberland County to all those who come rather than the butt of every joke!

Judy Davis,

PAPA (People About Peavine Advertising)

Fairfield Glade