Letters to the Editor

Dear Editor:

I would like to take a moment to thank the voters in Fairfield Glade for electing me to the Community Club Board of Directors.

I want to assure you that I take this vote of confidence seriously and look forward to the many opportunities I will have to participate in the process of advancing the best interests of our community.  I welcome you to email me with any constructive comments and suggestions that you, as property owners and residents, feel may be beneficial to the continued growth and prosperity of Fairfield Glade.  Thanks again.

Phil Birdsall

Fairfield Glade


Dear Editor:

There are a lot of things that confuse me about the recent FFGCC Board elections.  The numbers of voters, the number of votes, Board actions, Management actions and the conclusions that the Board reached from the election results. But that is for another day.

One thing that didn’t surprise me was the impact that Wyndham had on the election. Between Wyndham the developer and time share POA’s they had 1823 votes.  Looking at the numbers it is a pretty good assumption that their votes went to the top two candidates.  Which means that Mr Birdsall got 891 votes from members other than the Developer and time shares or roughly 893 voters voted for him (some had multiple votes).  Mr. Smith had votes from 369 voters (again some multiple votes).

Mr. Reigle had votes from 1883 voters. Mr Byers had votes from 1854 voters. The rules are the rules and the number of lots determines the number of votes each voter gets. But when the Board justifies jumping over two candidates that received votes from nearly twice as many voters by implying that “By electing Phil Birdsall and Steve Smith our members sent the message that they wished to continue in the current direction” it just doesn’t add up.

Don’t get me wrong Mr. Birdsall, Mr. Smith and Mrs. Miller will most likely be good Board members.  But despite unprecedented Board member and Management attacks, a large majority of the voters wanted two other candidates. Two candidates that were running against the current direction of the club.

It would be a very good thing for the FFGCC Board and Management to understand that the mandate they would like to claim is the result of the way that the system counts votes. And that the real mandate maybe that things need to change.

Larry McNamara

Fairfield Glade


Dear Editor:

Regarding the Glade Community Club Board’s October 4 E blast: If Webster Dictionary defines “Withdraw” as refusing to participate in the insulting FGCCB interviewing process, because it a perfunctory sham, I guess I did withdraw.

The reference FGCCB statement, wherein it states, “Tom and his supporters,”all 1,883 of them,” made the election a referendum on the direction that our community should take in the future” was a very astute observation, it was a referendum, and it is obvious again y’all were not listening. “By electing Phil Birdsall and Steve Smith” who without the Wyndham and Timeshare Special Interest Vote would have finished much lower,

Wyndham and the Special Interest Groups, insulted the Residents,   sent the message that Wyndham and The Special Interest Groups wished to continue in the current direction of, fiscal irresponsibility and preferential special interest governance. “We (FGCCB) believe that the vote count/distribution would have been very different.”

Again, a very astute observation, the FGCCB was correct, absent Wyndham and the Special Interest Groups votes, (Timeshare, Investors, Good Sam’s, FGH)  Birdsall would have finished 7th and Smith zero, and Tom Reigle would have won.

The correct FGCCB October 4, final statement to the Residents, should have reads  “to the FGCC Residents , who own 83% of all voting lots and contribute over 85% of all 2016 operating income, we understand that this decision will be unpopular with some (Residents) however, as always, we made the decision based on what we believe is in the long term best interest of Wyndham and Special Interest Groups”

John Byers 

Fairfield Glade


Dear Editor:

So many residents firmly feel that neither the Board nor the General Manger listens to us. The Board and General Manager contend just as firmly that they do. LET’S PUT THIS TO A TEST.

In the 2017 election, there were two (2) vacancies on the Board that needed to be filled. There were 9 candidates contending for these seats. The winners were: Phil Birdsall with 2,714 votes and incumbent Steve Smith with 2,190 votes. Their closet competitors were Tom Reigle who received 1,883 votes and John Byers with 1,854 votes.  Finishing 5th was Jeani Miller with 945 votes.

Clearly, Phil Birdsall and Steve Smith received the support of Wyndham with 1,336 votes and the Timeshare Associations with 487 votes for a voting bloc totaling 1,823 votes. Without this historical voting bloc going to them, the order of finish of the top 6 vote getters would have been as follows:

Name           Votes Received

Tom Reigle              1,883

John Byers               1,854

Jeani Miller                945

*Phil Birdsall              941

Oliver Dossmann       773

*Steve Smith              367

* Declared Winners

What this means is that without the Wyndham/Timeshare votes, the declared winners would have finished 4th and 6th respectfully. It could have been even more glaring if the Good Sam’s and our new Developer also went their way. That remains an unknown.

What’s my point you might ask? After the door closed on the application period, Harry Price, Board Treasurer, resigned with two (2) years left on his term of office. This meant that the Board would need to fill the vacancy through appointment.

So the Board has total discretion on who it wants to consider. Its discretion has been exercised by deciding to interview Tom Reigle, John Byers, Jeani Miller, and Ken Flierl after which a decision would be made. Mr. Flierl received zero votes in the election because he didn’t even run. Neither did he put any effort or personal finances into it as did the others. Probably few residents know much about him other than he is a member of the Strategic Planning Committee, along with Oliver Dossmann, and asked to be considered. Who else was given this same opportunity?

The question is why did the Board choose to insult those who were actual candidates by putting them through this demeaning interview process? Members have clearly spoken through the ballot box. They selected Tom Reigle with their votes. Why is the Board even considering substituting its judgment for that of we property owners?

Is this its way of making sure the person filling the vacancy is of the same mind who will follow its will? Why does it want to create a firestorm if anybody but Tom Reigle is appointed? (The person selected will potentially be a Board member for 5 years).

The property owners have spoken. THE TEST WAS will the Board listen as it keep saying it does, or will it slap the property owners in the face by appointing someone other than Tom Reigle? They failed the test!

Gerry Miller 

Fairfield Glade