Letters to the Editor

Dear Editor:

The upcoming  board or directors election has brought out many opinions of our beautiful community.

As property owners for 20 years and residents for 2 years, we have seen many changes and much growth in Fairfield Glade. Each and every one of these changes have been to improve our community as a whole.

We would like to thank Bob Weber for his recent e-mail of July 31, 2017 entitled FGCC Finances – The Real Story.  Everyone should take the time to read this e-mail that consists of 3 articles that are extremely informative and answers many questions.

Instead of debating what type of community we live in, take pride in the fact that we are a beautiful Resort community that appeals to retirees as a place to truly enjoy their retirement years. As well as, a beautiful Resort community that attracts many visitors which helps to keep are cost of living down. Win, Win!

We absolutely love our wonderful community and all it offers. We look forward to seeing what the future holds for Fairfield Glade, a Resort Community.

Peter & Michele


Fairfield Glade


Dear Editor:

I have some questions regarding our current situation here at the Glade. It seems that we have been designated as a RESORT COMMUNITY.

My understanding of a resort community is that the lions share of the financial needs of the community is met by tourist and vacationers.

Is this true of Fairfield Glade? I lived in the Hilton Head Island area (an actual resort community) for many years, and I understand the need to ensure that the amenities are plentiful and well maintained.  I’m still not sure that this should be a primary emphasis of our community.

Another question has to do with the way our votes are tallied.  As I understand it each lot is granted one vote.

What I don’t understand is why each timeshare owner is also given a vote that is cast as a group by the timeshare manager. Is this true? Is it fair that an undeveloped lot has the same exact voting rights as a developed lot? Does this not allow Windham the power to greatly influence our elections?

Regarding the amenities being subsidized. Why is this necessary at all? If a business fails to make a profit then the logical conclusion is that said business ceases to operate. If an amenity, including the golf courses, fail to support themselves, they should logically  cease to be.

Did we really need a new clubhouse or would it just look better in a advertisement brochure?

Should our general manager be actively involved promoting candidates for the council? This seems like a conflict of interest to me.

Do we actually spend money on advisory committees? Couldn’t we look within our own community for staff and residents to advise and recommend direction for future improvements.

The consulting report regarding F&B given by a professional advisory group could easily been suggested by staff and residents.

Also I was curious as to how decisions were made regarding road pavement. The street I live on is chip and seal with more chip then seal so that I am picking rocks out of my driveway and tires like it’s 1949.

It seems to me that if we designate ourselves as a wannabe resort community the emphasis will be on attracting tourist and vacationers.

If we designate The Glade as a vibrant retirement community the emphasis will be on building infrastructure and maintaining our pleasant opportunity for growrh and enjoyment.

Jim Cooney 

Fairfield Glade