Letters to the Editors

Dear Editor:

One final comment on the Crab Orchard wind farm project and then I promise to stop.

Let’s forget about all the “expert Testimony” on harm/benefits of the wind generators. Name the subject matter and you can find an “expert” to back whichever side you happen to be on. So let’s put aside health and environmental issues for a moment.

I have yet to see word one from any source that clearly states a NEED for these generators to be built now. TVA has noted that they have more than ample capacity to generate power and meet demand for many years to come without additional units added to their grid.

They demonstrated this when the sold the unfinished Belafonte, Alabama plant (after investing millions in its construction) as being ‘surplus’. With Watts Bar ii fully on line TVA will be able to cover their multi-State service area without seeking more generating units. Why then is Apex so determined to construct the wind farm in an area that doesn’t need more sources of power?

I am not against clean energy. I just don’t see why public money should be spent where it serves no specific need. By the time TVA would have use of the electricity generated by the wind farm, those units would have passed their normal lifespan and be obsolete given the pace of technological advancement in today’s world. Wouldn’t it be better to wait until the need for added power is at least projected within a reasonable time frame? Right now the farm seems a terrible waste of money. Better to use those funds on infrastructure such as roads, bridges, water treatment and such that would be of benefit to a larger segment of the population over a longer period of time.

Paul J. Chmielewski

Fairfield Glade


Dear Editor:

I would like to address the comments in the (another newspaper) from Mr. Price, Board Treasurer, in regards to his comments about the emails, comments, and stuff about Wyndham.

He appears to be upset with the community on how they feel; does he represent Wyndham or the Community?  He proceeds to state how much Timeshare contributes and how much they pay for maintenance fees.

I feel that we here in the community are not concerned about what timeshare owners are paying in their annual maintenance.  The joint project he mentioned about the Conference Center and the generous contributions by Wyndham avoided Wyndham’s need to replace their own indoor pool.   Yes, Wyndham did donate the land plus an $840,000 financial contribution.

The land had questionable value to Wyndham except for the very large tax write-off.  The financial contribution by the Timeshare Associations was paid through a onetime $25 special assessment against all timeshare owners plus a 15-year interest free loan from the Club.

A good deal for them—not a good deal for members, WHY?  We financed the balance of the $6.8 million cost of the Conference Center.  It doesn’t stop there.  We assume all liability risks, insurance costs, and subsidizing annual losses through assessments projected to be $500,000 in 2017.

The indoor pool itself loses $100,000 annually.  We and our guests also pay a per person pool user fee for each pool visit which can be quite significant.

Timeshare visitors here on points, exchanges and rentals pay nothing.  Timeshare owners enjoy pool access with a small annual fee to their maintenance and cover all staying in the unit.  Mr. Price states Timeshare owners pay double what we pay and that is true.

What he didn’t say that in the Covenants and Restrictions based on the assumption that timeshare visitors will use our amenities at a rate double to that of members.

With Wyndham changing their programs from fixed weeks to points, rentals and exchanges, the Covenants and Restrictions do not recognize the points concept and are in need of an update to spell out the rights and obligations of point owners to the Community Club to resolve this inequity and current “free ride.”

Finally, Wyndham includes the Community Conference Center in its marketing program while contributing nothing to its operating losses.  In fact, the only unreimbursed financial contribution to the Community Center made by Wyndham is through the payment of assessments (as do we) on the lots it owns.

I feel if our Board is receiving these emails and comments it is time for them to listen to their community and their concerns.

I have heard from board members that no one attends the monthly meetings the question should be WHY not?

Cheryl Brunske

Fairfield Glade


Dear Editor:

To all the folks who rang bells this Christmas Season, the Salvation

Army wishes to express their gratitude and heartfelt thanks!

We had a very successful holiday and the folks who gave of their time and talent need to be thanked on behalf of all the children served!

Norma Phipps, 


Salvation Army of Cumberland County