Letters to the Editors


Dear Editor:

It pains me to have to write this to you about our beautiful community, but I cannot sit by and do nothing about what I see as a horrible trend within our neighborhood.

Not a single day goes by where I do not see people running stop signs and driving with excessive speed on a daily basis.

It is highly irresponsible and extremely dangerous, and my family and I want it stopped. Just yesterday I witnessed a couple blow through the stop sign on Snead Dr. and Lakeview and then proceed to barrel down Snead at what looked to be around 50 mph.

This practice is not limited to these roads and happens everywhere within Fairfield Glade.

I have read Mr. Carpenter’s proposal for lowering the speed limits within Fairfield Glade to 25 mph, and while I do not think that is the answer, I believe he has some valid points in his argument.

My wish is that Public Safety do more to look for these types of violations, but sometimes, I believe they turn a blind eye.

I offer this experience as example. In early spring of this year my family and I were traveling down Peavine Rd.and were passing the intersection at Westchester Dr. when a woman pulled out in front of our vehicle after running the stop sign, which caused us to drive off into the ditch just past the intersection.

There was a police officer across the street who witnessed the entire event and only proceeded to pull the woman over at the 4-way stop at Stonehenge when we pulled into Public Safety to report the incident.

It is of my opinion that more needs to be done.  Maybe there should be speed bumps on busier streets, road treads to warn people to slow down near stop signs, step up police presence in heavy traffic areas, and a media campaign to re-educate people about road safety.

I also feel that once people reach a certain age they should undergo mandatory driver testing on a yearly basis. (In the three years we have lived here, we had more close calls driving in Fairfield Glade than then my previous 25 years driving combined).

I am asking that something be done, and done quickly to stop this gross neglect for the law and personal safety of everyone in our community.

Christien H. Fontaine

Fairfield Glade resident

Dear Editor,

This letter reflects  my thoughts and concerns about the ongoing efforts to ‘Incorporate’  Fairfield Glade.

It is my opinion that the true goal of these efforts are; G-R-E-E-D.

Greed and the love of money is the main driver of a hand full of those in power.

Here are my thoughts on what the greedy wish to accomplish:

Just behind Mirror Lake, an abandoned hotel lies in ruins.  This hotel is on very valuable property and in a prime location.  It is currently deteriorating and will soon become condemned.

When this occurs the deconstruction costs will be enormous to the current owners of this property.  Now, if the greedy can only pull off an incorporation, they can have this property rezoned, and have the state/county pay for the  demolition.

Why?  Because the greedy wish to build a large strip mall on this existing property, and they want to use your tax dollar to pay for their ruse.

Once the incorporation is successful, the once peaceful community of Fairfield Glade will become a bustling city, not unlike Main Street in Crossville, and the greedy will rake in millions in profit.

If you wish to allow the greatest of the seven deadly sins succeed, do nothing, and ignore this letter.

Louis Oniga

Fairfield Glade Resident


Dear Editor:

At the risk of embarrassing myself, is there one informed brave soul that would give reason why we should vote “yes” to becoming a city.

We’ve heard all the reasons why we are not going to vote “yes”, mainly because of the cost… everything comes with a price, right?  We all know that!  However, what would the advantage be of becoming a city?  What would we gain?   What are we hoping to accomplish?

Two things PAPA (People About Peavine Advertising) learned from our commissioners and TDOT when we were engaged in a concerted effort to gain support for improving Peavine Road was:

• The folks in Crossville and in the county, outside of Fairfield Glade, view our concerns about Peavine Road as a “bit of a joke”.  Nuf said!  And,

• In Tennessee, you are either a “city” or you are “nothing”.  There are no villages or townships or any other recognized form of government.  A case in point, even our neighbor Crab Orchard is a city (so the sign says), and conversely there is Tellico Village in Lenour, TN which is unincorporated.  They are a planned community much as we are in a different county.

These two points say to me that even though this place is the closest to Heaven we can imagine, in the broad scheme of things, the state of Tennessee views Fairfield Glade as “nothing”, and the Cumberland County folks think our concerns are all a ”bit of a joke”.  I’m just saying.

Is there any reason to consider becoming a city?  I’m just asking.

Judy Davis

Fairfield Glade resident