Letters to the Editors

Dear Editor:

Having  read the recent article written by James Lovelace “We need to bridge Wind Great Divide”, I couldn’t agree with him more.

I have been a resident of Fairfield for going on nine years and I have always found the people of Crossville very friendly and accommodating.

Coming from the north my initial contact with the folks of the south came from the time I spent stationed in Mississippi and Texas during my military years dating back to 1968.

I many times have told people that I always appreciated the Southern way of replying with No Sir & Yes Ma’am.  I do that to this date in my daily conversations.

I have heard the stories of some people from The Glade looking down their noses to the local population.  All I can say is shame on them.

Dennis Tryon

Fairfield Glade


Dear Editor:

Getting older.

A daily occurrence for all of us. Here in Cumberland County we are a huge retirement population. A regular geriatric cornucopia.

I urge our county commissioners to use this resource in a special way. Imagine attracting a geriatric research facility to this area, work in conjunction with Covenant to bring more Geriatric Specialty Doctors to the area.

But not only this, become a research hub for the study of aging.

Lets think ahead and bring in something tangible to help in the creation of jobs and resources to benefit our community.

Barry Piggott

222 Lakeview Dr.