Letters to the Editors

Dear Editor:

Last Friday night (Nov 11),  I suffered a heart attack.

I really didn’t feel good and had a pretty strong chest pain. I chewed a few baby aspirins and my wife called 911. Couldn’t believe the speed this all happened!!!

Before I knew it there where 2 Cumberland County paramedics in my bedroom along with Fire Chief Matt Dillman and another first responder.

Many First Responders where outside. They took me to the ambulance where ZACH did a quick evaluation I think via an EKG and Set up IVs with needed drugs. I chose to go to Cookeville.

Not sure of amount of time this took, but I know we where moving.. They radioed Cookeville Regional.

When I got to their emergency area it was like I was the baton in a relay race. They passed a few papers, swapped out gurney and IV and I swear they where putting in stents in under 5 minutes!!!

I had always wondered how this would work — believe me it works great!

I just want to thank all that where involved. Most where volunteers …. They give their time so our community will  get the quickest emergency medical treatment in the event EMS is not close by….

Just another reason that Fairfield Glade is the Best!!!

I came home yesterday and will be on a pretty strict regime but look forward to saying thanks in person.

Thanks Matt and all your gang!


Ken Lamonda

Fairfield Glade 


Dear Editor:

Thank you, thank you, thank you for publishing John Kopmeier’s letter on wind turbine problems.

This is the first time I’ve seen a list of real negative problems that must be considered.  If he has other negatives, I would sure like to know of them.

Can we finally put an end to the government spending my tax dollars on these environmentally dirty, no pay back projects.

Thank you,


Gerald Long

Fairfield Glade


Dear Editor:

Louis Nizer, an attorney who died in 1994 said, “I know of no higher fortitude than stubbornness in the face of overwhelming odds.”

The Friends of Peavine’s mission is to get Peavine Road designated as a Parkway under the Tennessee Parkway System in accordance with Tennessee Code: 54-17-102 and 54-17-202, and we face overwhelming odds in achieving this protection for Peavine road.  The Commissioner of TDOT, a position appointed by our governor, has the authority to make the designation, yet so far, he has refused to do so.

He claims he will not make the designation unless our county commission passes a bill or resolution in favor of it.

We have asked the Commissioner for an explanation of the legal basis and authority for his decision to require our county commission’s official action before he can do his job.

We believe by doing so, he has exceeded his appointed authority.  We will keep the Fairfield Glade community informed on his next actions.

It is obvious from recent events surrounding an industrial wind development that threatens the beauty of our surrounding mountains that Fairfield Glade takes very seriously all efforts to maintain the beauty of our community.

Our future depends on it, and our future affects all of Cumberland County.

We expect the Commissioner to do the right thing and make the designation without further delay.


Cathy Tipton, 


Friends of Peavine

Fairfield Glade