Letters to the Editors

Dear Editor:

Sounds like Apex is trying to do to you folks what they have been attempting here in Huntington County Indiana for several years – install totally inefficient Industrial wind turbines which make money for them. (Apex agent had a letter to the editor published here a few months ago.

I had accused them of being in financial straits. His response was they expected to make $130 Million in 2015. Remember: They manufacture no product; have only about 100 employees and are headquartered in Charlottesville, Va. where the county has banned turbines for the reason: “Potential to destroy natural resources”!)

Check with the World Health Organization (WHO), whom document the many animal and human health issues created by the turbines – including heart disorders. Henry County Indiana is now revisiting their ordinance (which had approved 300 – 500 feet (now 620 feet) turbines, with 550 – 1,500 feet setback (distance from turbine to nearest house, property line, etc). WHO recommends 5,000 feet setback).

This action is similar to what adjoining Rush county accomplished earlier… changing their set back from 1,000 feet to 3,600 feet. The Apex rep (also ours) threatened to file a law suit – which they did. Ruling: Apex lost. The rep was fired, on the spot, by the Apex President whom had literally begged the commissioners to reverse their decision.

The Henry County state representative is now supporting total wind turbine ban in the state of Indiana.

Australia diverted their 2016 $7 Billion wind turbine maintenance fund budget to “Research and development for renewable energy resources that will work”. Bill Gates stands in line with Google with his declaration ”The cost is beyond astronomical”

If you want a shocker to the Industrial Wind Turbine industry, please go to the following website: http://wattsupwiththat.com/2014/11/22/shocker-top-google-engineers-say-renewable-energy-simply-wont-work/

 John Paul 

Warren, Indiana


 Dear Editor:

Last January 12th it was announced that Apex Energy would soon build Tennessee’s largest wind farm on the mountain ridge between Crab Orchard and Fairfield Glade. The announcement further stated that Apex Energy had leased 1,800 acres for the 20 to 23 wind turbines and that the project manager didn’t see “stumbling blocks to the project.”

Since that time we’ve learned that Apex Energy has leased an additional 7,000 acres. As Apex Energy is solely in the business of building wind farms, one may ask,”How many more wind turbines are in the works to be built on the additional acreage?”

As voting day approaches one County Commissioner, in a bid to seek election, may introduce a resolution for the Cumberland County Board of Commissioners to oppose this wind farm project. Too little, too late!

One may well ask why wasn’t such a resolution done before now? The Board of Commissioners have met five times since January’s announcement of the wind farm project, yet nothing has been accomplished except for some hand wringing and statements of, “There’s nothing we can do.”

John Patterson

Fairfield Glade


Dear Editor:

Thank you for printing the excellent commentary regarding the Apex “wind farm” by Donald Moran (June 14).

It was one of the better researched pieces I have seen. The county mayor and councilmen failed astoundingly in exercising due diligence and keeping citizens informed.

The Moran article served the function the county politicians should have.

Ted La Vaque

Fairfield Glade

Dear Editor:

What is going on in FFG these days.  Everyone is in an uproar about the Wind Farm but no one seems to pay attention to what the board and general manager want to do with our money.

People come out in full force for the Wind Farm meetings, but no one seems to come to the board meetings or even our annual meeting.

I know that the board and management does not listen too us so we no longer go to meetings, but something must be done to stop all this spending.

If we can start a coalition for the Wind Farm, maybe we should  start a coalition to change our by-laws on the amount the board and management can spend without a vote by the community.  How many know how much money the general manager can spend or the board before coming to us?

How many have concerns about spending over 1/2 Million Dollars, yes 1/2 Million on pickle-ball.

Maybe we need to have some outdoor courts but do we “REALLY” need to spend $557,000 on them which will only be used on a seasonal bases and used by approximately 300 people.  How long will it take us to recoup that $557,000?  Is this the total amount of people for a years use or partial year. Why can’t we re-purpose the existing  tennis courts to be used for tennis and pickle ball?

I am not against infrastructure improvements, some deed restrictions and policy and procedures, but I would like more of a voice in them than finding out that things have been approve.

We have so many new deed and restrictions and policy and procedure changes going on that one day we will have to get ACC  (a strangers permission)  to paint the inside of our houses or get approval for a new car.

We are all intelligent adults who work hard to take good care of our homes and I agree that some restrictions should be in place, but it seems that there are more and more added each month.

Yes, some people have been here for a long time and have exhausted a lot of their savings and can’t afford to do some upkeep to their homes, but increasing our dues when some can’t afford it, and adding more restrictions to us is like treating us like toddlers.

We should not be told when a shrub needs to be replaced or what type of landscaping we should put in when a plant dies.  If we don’t get approval we are fined, which sometimes it can be a very substantial amount.

Maybe it is time the board and general manager pick and choose what they want done in the Glade and put those items on the ballot for us to vote on every year.

All these decisions are being decided by our board members, one time share representative and one Wyndham representative.

Wyndham and the time shares don’t have to come to us for approval on what they want to build or do to their property but we have to get approval from ACC.

We have two different standards.  Don’t tell me that they are not part of the Glade, because I own my property and pay the taxes on my property and they are in the glade proper just like me.

Think about it people or maybe you just don’t care. Does the board and general manager really listen to us, or just do what they want to do, or are they going by a small minority on what they want which agrees with the management.

Fairfield Glade’s government is getting too controlling and spending too much money, SLOW DOWN, everything in moderation or this community is going to get too expensive to live in.

Instead of building new, why not repair what we already have, but watch how much is spent.

This if Fairfield Glade not the Trump Towers.

Mary Ann Nowc

Fairfield Glade

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