Letters to the Editor

Dear Editor:

Surprise! Right away you will see that this letter has nothing to do with wind turbines or pickle ball courts.

No, this letter is all about praise.

Sometimes, when I sit on my front porch, I think back to the events that led us to Fairfield Glade.  We visited many retirement areas. Places like Jellico Village, Tansi, Hot Springs, AR and my wife’s hometown of Sylvia, NC.

The thing that brought us here was a sense of community.

This letter has to do with the many folks who moved here and brought their talents and the willingness to share it with others.

Trying to give credit to deserving parties sometimes becomes difficult. Naming the right people with the right deed isn’t always easy, but I will make an effort.

Let’s start with the many folks who donate their time to the Cumberland Medical Center, Habitat for Humanity, House of Hope, Threads of Hope, Good Samaritans … I can’t name them all.

Then we have people like Dwight Wages and the time and effort he puts into his Brass Symphonic Band.

Don Hazel and Mark Richie and their group who have worked very hard grubbing out roots and rocks into the many trails — not only in the Glade but other places as well.

Donna and D.J. Garrison who donate their time and talents to many charitable organizations.

Fred Summers, who coaches a track and cross country team in Crab Orchard.

Homer Jeffers, who heads up the lake committee along with Steve Ferrell and is efforts to raise minnows and stock our beautiful lakes.

I could go on but you probably are saying — “Please don’t.”

That list just scratches the surface and the folks that were left out are probably asking, “What about me?”

I just wanted you folks to know that your efforts have not gone unnoticed.

Charles McElroy

Fairfield Glade