Letters to the Editor

Dear Editor:

The fact that Tennessee government is considering a bill to stop the wind farm in Crab Orchard is music to the ears of those who oppose this project.

Although of vital interest to the neighbors of this wind farm, there are solid economic reasons for the stop.

One unanswered question regards the expense and extent of disposal when the short project life has been reached. Without federal government aid the economic feasibility of the generated power and the necessary power backup is negative, particularly when the power is unneeded.

These are in addition t;o the undesirable appearance, threat to the birds and animals and potential electrical interference.

Gordon Overbey

Fairfield Glade


Dear Editor:

Hi it’s me again. The “Ranter” according to Hank Henning. Sorry to get you so upset, my apologies.

I am also like Jackie Ryba in her comments not sure that Legends needs to be closed in favor of a Village center location. Management has told me that Legends has other problems other than issues I have brought to their attention. Don’t know what they are, would like to know, to see if members can help solve those issues.

New info;  starting in April Stonehenge will be open for Breakfast, Lunch, and Dinner according to our F&B director Neil. I will be going there.

Legends will be open for Dinner service only, plus Sunday brunch. During the day Legends will be available for groups, meetings, etc.

Now as far as Buffet food goes I do eat at places that have good salad bars with the correct temperature controlled service lines. If we install such equipment I will eat there. Late last year I was informed that Legends would be updating their equipment away from Chafing dishes. for the hot food. Management had recognized that this needed to be done.

I have made contact with our Board, our GM, and our F&B Director as the need arises they have always responded. Do I agree with all of their responses, no. That is why at times I use the forum of letters to the editor. It raises awareness to issues I feel are important. I appreciate the fact you have a different view point, and encourage everyone to stand up and speak out.

As far as volunteering, when I lived here a few years ago I did interview for the ACC. Until last month I did not qualify for running for the Board as you have to be a resident for 2 years, plus there has been no election since then. Not saying I will.

As far as volunteering since moving back health issue have held me back from being able to commit my time.

As far as being a great place to live comment, this is the second time I have lived here, why would I move back if I do not believe so.( so not really so incongruous )

Since moving back there have been many changes. Stonehenge was Purchased (it was just up for a vote when we left). The Community Center was built. The old gym general purpose building was torn down. The Trail System. To name a few.

I understand we are going to build a Police Station, which I wholeheartedly support. By previous comments in letters to the editor, you will see I am all for public safety issues.

What I am opposed to is supporting the Community Center and our Food and Beverage operations through raising lot fees. I have heard we are considering hiring  a Food & Beverage consultant to evaluate our facilities. Might be a good move to help us contain our losses.  (Check the budget for the amount).

Should we raise the menu prices rather than the lot fees. I am sure the people who eat out regularly would not like that idea. So how can we control costs or get more people to eat out. Apparently Legends is busy for dinner service early, and rapidly tails off after 6:30pm. Suggestions would probably be appreciated.

Additionally our Community Center is not a profit center (check the budget)

How can we turn that around? I am sure we could use some input from members to help the board and management, and ourselves.

One suggestion from me would be for Wyndham to build a Hotel next to the Community Center with a Restaurant. Instead of us building a restaurant there A full service Hotel & restaurant with room service would bring in meetings and conventions, which would support our Community Center Meeting rooms.  This could greatly enhance the whole community.

I will try not to be so negative in the future and offend people with my comments. I do get frustrated when things could be better and I see things not being done or spending issues do not seem right. Again apologies to those other residents. But I will continue to speak out on any issue I feel needs attention.

Barry Piggott

Fairfield Glade


Dear Editor:

I have been reading back and forth opinion “Letters” on the service and quality at our restaurants. Some are positive while others are critical. In reality, both opinions are correct based on personal dining experiences on a given day. I suggest all take a deep breath and start thinking of the real issue which is: What causes these differing opinions to form in the first place? Of importance also is to determine the causes of the troublesome financial performance of the Food and Beverage Division?

10 years or so ago, our Board President at the time said “One thing is clear.We don’t know how to run a restaurant.” It was true then and may well be true now. If so, it would explain the differing experiences concerning inconsistent service and quality comments. Restaurants with inconsistent food quality, service, and financial losses do not stay in business for long.

Our restaurants have stayed in business solely because they have our assessments to subsidize their losses such as the horrendous loss of $360,000 in 2016—up $152, 000 from the unacceptable loss of $208,000 in 2115; Even the projected loss of $183,000 for 2017 is without an explanation of how last year’s loss will be reduced by $177,000 this year).

Our Administration is now seeking reasons why our restaurants had a 11% volume drop 2016 from that in 2015. Inconsistent food quality and service probably played a part. Perhaps a decreasing disposable income of our residents and visitors impacted a bit.

Could a full menu vs. the buffets have played a role? How about the physical plant and operating procedures? And of course there are the staff retention and turnover issues. Then we have the unhelpful mindset within the Administration that: “Restaurants in our industry lose money and subsidizing them is what our dues are for.” Whatever the reasons were, we need to find the causes of all of this—including losses we should no longer tolerate.

It appears that the Board now realizes that something serious may be wrong and reportedly has plans to seek an outside firm to come in and review our Food and Beverage Division from top to bottom. This will be followed by recommendations on needed changes. Our task is to offer our constructive help as this process moves forward. Once the recommendations become known, our responsibility is then to accept the recommendations and refrain from having expectations, often personal in nature, which would only undermine the badly needed impact these recommendations will undoubtedly have.

This is why I am calling for a “Time out” on this back and forth on the service and quality issues which only serve to pit one homeowner against another.

Help is on the way. I commend our Board for taking this necessary step to build operational consistently within our Food and Beverage Division. It should also reverse the financial bleeding of our restaurants which consumes too much of our ever increasing assessments.

Gerry Miller

Fairfield Glade