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For The Vista

It’s Spring and that means we’ll soon see a flurry of new homes on the market in Fairfield Glade. Currently, there are 279 residences for sale in our community. By the middle of summer, that number—if history serves as any guide—will rise to more than 325-350. Statistically speaking, one-half of those homes will sell within the first six months. And the other half won’t.

Before you get discouraged by those numbers, let me assure you, you can greatly improve your chances of selling your home within a reasonable period by taking these five tried-and-true steps that have resulted in successful sales for millions of homeowners.

1. Price your home correctly. Price is the most important factor for a quick sale. If your home is listed more than 15% higher than comparable properties, it will be overlooked. And the longer it stays on the market, the less leverage you have in negotiation.

2. Clean, depersonalize, and declutter. I’ve had clients refuse to go through the door if a home is dirty or cluttered. Remember, the buyer wants to imagine how your home will look with her belongings in it—not yours.

3. Make your home easy to show. I understand; it’s a pain to keep your house show-ready, but buyers don’t always give us a 24-hour notice; they may only be in town for that day. So, if you want to sell it, make it available to see.

4. Work with your agent to ensure the photos and virtual tours reflect the special and unique qualities of your home. And while your pet is undoubtedly adorable, please don’t include him in the photos.

5. Consider having a pre-listing inspection done. That way, you can take care of any large issues that may cause your sale to fall through. And don’t forget about the little repairs. I’ve seen buyers walk away from a sale due to faulty outlets, minor cracks, or missing electrical junction covers.

Remember, your home will be one of many from which buyers have to choose. Most buyers in our area look at just 10-20 homes before making their final decision. Consequently, it’s imperative that you and your agent do everything within your power to dress up and market you home so that it stands out from the crowd.

Nancy Zambell is the Principal Broker at EXIT Rocky Top Real Estate, 931-787-1213, [email protected]